Totally confused about the Scorpio man in my life...please help!

  • Aries22 ....thank you Happy Mother's Day to you too I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. I really appreciate all of your advice. I am not texting him to initiate conversation however my biggest problem is having to get the last word in and when he texts me messages and they are directly insulting me I always have to say something in defence of myself. I know I need to just ignore him all together and with time it will get easier to do that. I think the truth is he knows he can get under my skin and it's like he gets some kind of enjoyment out of it to make himself feel better insulting me and putting me down and make me feel beneath him and not good enough for him. Even though he doesn't want me (doesn't want a relationship or a women in his life) or at least that's how he is acting and treating me, he still contacts's so crazy and I just don't understand that if he doesn't want to be with me then why is he still making contact with me . Yesterday he text me was I home and said he was stopping by and I sorta new why... it was because I had called him mom on mother's day to wish her a happy mothers day and he found out about it. He got here and he asked me why I called him mom that she wasn't my mom and I said I don't care if she is your mom and not mine I love her and your family so I wanted to call her. He then to much of my surprise thanked me for calling her and said it was nice of me. Then the conversation carried on about him and his life and stuff and then I said a few things standing firm to how I feel and what I feel is right and wrong and I told him how bad he treats and that he has NO respect for me and for women period. I also said that I know why it is that he is alone. I also told him the only reason why I tolerated his crap was cuz I loved and cared about him but that it obviously wasn't good enough. Anyway when he was leaving he told me he might talk to me later if I was lucky and I said don't act like it's some sort of a priviledge or something cuz it's not and away he went.

  • Hey TaurusGirl7 I was just stopping by and commenting you on your dilemma because I went through confusion when my Scorpio ex broke up with me 4 months ago (If you want the whole story look in Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings). For now just treat yourself good, you deserve it after all these Scorpios can be mighty confusing lol. Me and my ex dated for a year and a few weeks (4 months off/on and 8 months long distance), during the long distance stage we became very close and intimate in an emotional way. I planned to move in with him (dont worry he wanted me too lol) since I was going to school (my dream school) where he was. A month or so before I was to move he told me not to come up so soon because they're was alot of danger going on and he didnt want me getting hurt (he never wanted to be specific with me on the phone but I had the idea that he was into something illegal). When people shot at his house he told me not to come but instead to come with him to VA (where we both met) because he had an apartment there. It took awhile to convince me because he was the only person I knew in NY and I didnt have a place to stay so I had to transfer schools. I tell him Im able to move in and he was estatic and happy. A few weeks later he gets to VA before I do but tells me he is on his way to Miami because he has to leave (I never fully understood why but I had an idea that the incident in NY was catching up with him). I was hurt but I wanted to be there for him because there was nothing I could do about it then it turns for the worse, His frustrations and franticness was taken out on me and he became ruder (and keeps mentioning his battery is dying) than Ive ever seen him so I told him not to contact me until he gets his mind straight. He contacts me the next day and tells me good morning and he's sorry but there is things he doesnt tell me because I'll be mad and to stay where I am because its better for me.

    Im was only being nice at the time because I pick and choose my battles but I was hurt from him being rude to me. I txt him a week later to tell him my cell is back on if he needed to talk but then he txts me about how I killed his battery. FED UP! I tell him Im just trying to be nice but I guess you just dont care. He spells duces I have enough on my plate (as in Im done). Hurt but still strong I send him a very powerful txts-I told him he was a coward for breaking up with me by text and that it was his loss and I will carry on and count my blessings. I also told him to hit me up when he can spell deuces right and when he ever needs spelling lessons to give me a call lol!

    We havent contacted each other in 4 months only because out of pride and hurt. I took sometime for myself and resisted my urge to contact him. I began excercising, doing new activities and working on my deepest and darkest issues I had and basically took time to grow into a more powerful and radiant me. Ive had several readings done and all of them says that he had very deep feelings for me its just his lifestyle was dangerous but he misses me and loves me but has been scared to contact me because he thinks Im still mad at him. I still love and care for him as a person but Im not too ready to just jump in a relationship with him or anyone for that matter but I want to be around for him still. The funny thing is Im going to school in Miami now (mostly paid for with my own condo!!!) but Im scared to run into him at times so I think of him from time to time. He has a Facebook now (which is weird because he got one after we broke up-he was never interested in a FB before-I only been to his page twice and I realize he isnt on consistantly and doesnt have alot of friends ) so I requested him a few days ago but I think he can still be bitter since I exited on a high now but at the same time I think he will accept it because he still misses me.

    What do you think of all of this? Do you think he still cares? and do you think he's going to accept my friend request?

  • you sure have been through a heck of a lot with this guy and I know how you feel as mine has been back and forth uand pulling me away telling me he isn't into a relationship right now but also saying if I just back off about it and stop pressuring him I just might get what I want. It is all so confusing as I'm more then sure your situation has been for you. I have read a lot about scorpios online since I never dated one before and a lot of what I read says that they can be very cruel to you when they like you. It seems to me that this guy really likes you if the two of you were going to move in together. I just think that since he has gotten into some sort of trouble that he is just concerned to not have you involved and probably just wants to deal with it on his own and get his life back to normal and on track before bringing you back into it. I went through this with the scorpio I was with for close to a year. It was as if he would push me away when things got too much for him to handle and he would say he needed to get his life back and straightened out and didn't need what he called from me the interference. By interference meaning that I always wanted more then he was willing to give and it was as if he was keeping me at arms length wanting me there when he wanted me for when whatever was bothering him got sorted out and he would then come back around. They seem to need their time to figure things out for themselves and don't like to be bothered during that time. In my opinion I think he still cares and I really don't see why he wouldn't accept your friend request after all you didn't do anything wrong or anything to hurt him. If he doesn't then perhaps he is just keeping his distance to protect you from whatever it is going on with him and maybe it isn't over with yet. Hang in there and I think he will contact you when he is ready but until then and I know how hard it is believe me because I am a very emotional person, you have to continue to keep busy with your life and school and do all the things that make you happy and if it is meant to be it will be. If not then you are too good for him and deserve better then to be shut out because he has problems in his life. I told the scorpio I was with this...if you care about someone and want to be with them then there is no reason why you can't still be together just because you have problems/issues in your can still work them out being together and I said I think when you are with someone it makes things all that much easier to deal with because at the end of the day that person should be there for you regardless of what's going on in your life and make you feel better by helping you get through it. I wish you all the best and I really hope everything works out for you.

  • Thank you so much! I hope it goes well too and wish you the best with everything. All the readers (even though I felt it told me he has deep fondness and love for me it's just that bad boy good girl thing going on lol) I really care for him. Hans (a reader) told me he's is going to. Comeback into my life though but Im hanging in there right now Im just focusing on my life right because with or without him I can achieve my goals. I'm an aspiring film director screenwriter and model-what a combo lol. And I feel you on the emotional part Im a rather emotional person-I have a moon on cancer figures! I hope everything goes well for you and hope your Scorpio can get himself together.

  • And TaurusGirl7 my birthday is a day after yours it is May 6th! My ex is Nov 1st. I think your Scorpio needs to sort out his issues on his own and I know it is hard because you want to be there for him (Im the exact same way loyal caring sweet and affectionate) but give him alot of space and I mean plenty because he is brash rude and just taking his frustrations out on you which isn't fair. I have heard Scorpios hurt the ones they care about but that doesn't mean we deserve it. Give him his space show him what he is missing lol and he'll come running back to you like crazy if that is what you want. And btw my Scorpio was my first relationship with anyone (Im very picky lol I liked mature guys) and my first Scorpio boyfriend-I had Scorpio friends but the ones as friends and the ones your in a relationship in is a totally different experience lol! I done so much research on Scorpios because I wanted this one to work and just to get inside his head lol. Hope everything works out for you heal 🙂

  • Ok so now I am pretty much aware that the scorpio man I was dating is not wanting a relationship in fact he has become so extreme that he has flat out said he hates women and could care less if he has one or not...he tells me he has been there and done that and doesn't need it anymore(all the problems and headaches and stuff). He also told me he learned at an early age because he was smarter then most inclusing all his brothers and sisters who are married that he won't end up like them and all his married friends having to deal with answering to a women and having them try to have control over him and having to explain your comings and goings and all that. I have said everything I think I could to convince him that I am genuine and that I would do anything I was capable of for him and have let him know just how much I care about him but it doesn't seem to matter what I say. It's as if he doesn't believe it to be true or he just doesn't care what I have to say because he knows it already and just doesn't want it meaning a relationship. When I tell him my feelings he acts like the only reason I want him is because I haven't conquered him and it's a challenge. I' ve even shed tears infront of him many times and he seems to hate that. I don't know if he is just putting on a facad and actually does care about me or he seriously feels this way. I know he still has things in his life he has to straighten out that are making him completely miserable and I'm sure he wound't be involved like he should if he wanted to with me because of it. He needs to work all his stuff out first and get back to a better place. I just can't figure out why even though he says these things to me I still get text messages (he rarely calls on the phone) out of the blue usually saying random stupid things but he does text me when I have company or when he sees me with a friend that is a male and makes comments like 'u 2 make a nice couple' ...or if a friend is over and parked in the driveway he usually texts saying I see ur bf is over or something like that...he has text me saying I'll stop by if ur not busy with ur bf. Last week he text me to find out the results of american idol and he knew I had been hanging out with one of my good guy friends that I have told him a zillion times I would NEVER EVER date cuz he so isn't my type, but he always seems to have to make comments that I need to be with my friend no matter how much I tell him that the thought is discusting and I would never. I just don't get it why would he do this if he didn't like me??? Anyone have any advice for me cuz I could sure use it.

  • Oh and also we spent some time together this weekend he took me on a bike ride up north to see his family and I had a great time. But still we don't spend time together everyday like we used to not even close. When he does anything with me now it's rare but it still keeps my hopes up because I know if he didn't want to see me he wouldn't bother with me at all.

  • Wow!!! we could be talking about the same guy here!!

    This is exactly how it has been with me and the scorpio man I have been involved with for the last year. He fell for me really hard a year ago, when we got really close, he backed off telling me he found it hard to commit because of being badly burned in the past. So I left him to it, he still kept in touch and then after 2 months he was back again, making excuses to see me, helping me with things etc. He has never mentioned how we were in the beginning it's like it never happened. Since that time we have never been intimate but he still comes over and spends the day etc. He keeps coming and going. He spent the day with me at my house last week and I haven't heard from him since. It's driving me mad. I have to read between the lines all the time. Analysing things he says and does. I have no idea what to do. I don't find it easy talking to him about it because I don't want to put pressure on him and rive him away.

    He is single and lives alone, he likes his own space and company. He never asks me to go anywhere with him, if I do go anywhere with him it's because I have invited myself. It's almost like he see's it as a weakness to show that he wants me to do something with him. I have sent him a message but he hasn't replied. All this is driving me mad.

  • Wow - I have a male Scorpio friend who must be a bonafide clone of the Scorpios He will talk to me and be all frindly ( we are just friends and just mostly talk on the phone) then something ticks him off and he projects his anger it seems on me then things go silent for a few weeks or a couple months Then, if I happen to call him one day when he's in a good mood - its like - nothing is wrong and he's all "talky" again. Drives me wacky. Are scropios as bipolar s Pisces?

  • Hey TaurusGirl7, Ive been following up on your thread and I think you should start a new one and ask Captain for advice Im just as confused as you are but I do not doubt that this guy has feelings for you but Im not sure about his feelings for a relationship. Captain is a wonderful psychic with great insight and advice-start a new thread for her and ask for her advice. Wish you the best Im sure she can sort this out for you 🙂

  • they do sound like the same guy...almost...I think the only difference is that I get invited sometimes to do things and unfortunately from what you said you have to invite yourself...sorry to hear that. I totally know how much this is driving you mad cuz it drives me mad too. I was invited to go with him to a friends sisters b-day party on the weekend and I was so happy to go to get to spend some time with him because I don't get to do that anywhere near as much as I would like as we used to see each other everyday. When he text inviting me he said his friends sister invited US to come over for her party...that made me feel good but at the same time sadly I know there is no us. Anyway on the way there things were great and then on the way back I got in a mood cuz I didn't want to be going home and leave him since I don't know when I will get to do anything with him next. I guess I got myself in a bad mood and when I got home and got out of the car he asked me what was wrong and he never does that...I just said nothing was wrong. When he was leaving he said he may go to his parents the next day if I wanted to go but it wasn't a for sure thing so I said ok and he pulled out of the driveway. As I went to go inside I flung the door wide open which I didn't mean to do and he text me when he got home 'finished ur fit'. I text back 'why would you think I was having a fit' and I got no reply so I text 'thanks for taking tonight...goodnight' and still no reply. I waited the next day to hear if I was going to get to go to his parents and I didn't hear from him so I text and asked and he just replied 'not going' and that is all I have heard from him since then. It really upsets me being so close yet so far away and when we go places people make comments referring to me as his gf and one day one of his good friends I know called me his wife and he never corrects them and says no we are just friends. I asked him one day why he never corrects anyone when they call me his gf and he said he didn't care they could think whatever they want. So you can imagine how confused I am. It's one big emotional roller coaster and it's so hard spending any time with him knowing I can't have more right now or maybe even ever and I just can't accept the fact of being just friends. I know he is friends with some of his ex's and he doesn't take them places or hang out with them but he does me. Do you really believe he cares about me cuz sometimes it feels like he does and sometimes it doesn't. I wish you all the best and I really hop things work out for you with your scorpio.

  • Thanks Asia118X I will take your advice and try that however I'm not too sure how to specifically get advice from her...could you please let me know if you don't mind.

  • Sure explain your situation all over again give birthdates and ask her questions in a new thread (you must start a whole new thread specifically asking for her advice). Good luck I know she can help 🙂

  • gluttion for punishment and a fool you are. . ask yourself why you love to be abused. that is your answer.

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