Need to find way to pay for training in new career

  • I am trying to sell my late father's property to pay for hypnotherapy training that begins June 13th. I know this is the path for me, to be able to help others heal. My head hurts from trying to find alternative ways to come up with the money for the training. I appreciate any insight on this situation. Blessed Be

  • Hello 1953

    I do not feel like your fathers property will sell in time for you to take this class. Have you tried a grant ? Are you wanting to start your own business as there are grants for that now from the goverment. Or you can lower the price a bit on the property and wait to take the class in the fall. I feel trees around this house, and it feels like the house itself could use a coat of paint here and there to help it's appearence. The house needs some clearing of spiritual kind also as I feel your father visits there and may for awhile. Talk to your father when you enter the house and tell him how you feel and why you want to sell the house. Than a release may occur and the house will sell faster.


  • Hi there, Shuabby I saw you answered to this thread ? R u back?

  • Hello Dear Chappies,

    I come on line here when I have time, which the last two weeks I have had a bit of time to share. Do you have a question my friend?

  • Thank you Shuabby. I cared for dad in his last months of life and I tried very hard to prepare him to cross over. I've also encouraged him since then to go into the light. He loved his home. However it will need a great deal of work to look as nice as it could look. Unfortunately, I have just been too tired and overwhelmed with grief to get more done. I didn't want to wait until fall to attend the school because my daughter is going to have a baby in November! I am ready to lower the price pretty substantially to get a sale.

    I am 58 years old Shuabby and have waited all my life for the opportunity to do work that is fulfilling.

    Please, if you could, do you see me staying in my current marriage? I am torn but don't feel I can stay with him and have a successful career in healing. Light and love to you.

  • Chironlady1953

    the timing is off for your desires. What you feel is the weight of mortality---the slipping away of time and underlying issues of giving for others a bit to much---spirit shows me the sign SACRIFICES. You often are overwhelmed with responsability to others. There is a self worth issue. You crave freedom yet are restless and anxiouse when not "purposely" doing something. Spirit advises you are worthy by just being. You do not need to race right now---nothing is slipping away---you are on track and have just passed a great crossroad. There is a period of settling in---adjusting---before the next stage of your journey. First, I got a definate don't rush on the house sale---your father will help you with this but you must have patience---avoid any feelings of desperation---that energy does not attract good outcome. Fath and trust will bring you the best outcome. Nove is your go month---you will feel things click into place and meet the right folks to help you realise your dreams. Try to keep an open mind---as God often dreams a bigger dream than you can imagine and by next year Feb. you will be doing very rewarding work with new friends but it will have a surprise twist---this will be more of an opportunity that comes at you through new people. Right now avoid impatience at all costs. Do not think too much about logic and age and deadlines. Lighten up and take care of yourself. Your health has been iffy this past year---nothing bad yet spirit shows me some bad habits that slow you down. Mostly , you are a very sturdy sort--with endurance but for your future health it would be good to strt being more proactive with diet and rest. You go back and forth---have good knowledge of diet needs but also go on comfort food binges to soothe the nerves. Remember that serving in a healing capacety requires a balance or habit of protecting your energy. You are not good at resting---go till you drop. You really know all this---patience is your biggest reminder and time to build that network to support your calling. You need to let the universe lead you---take care of yourself so you will be ready. Again November will open the door and by next Feb. you will be connected to a great group of others and your gift will blossom. Use this time to raise your energy---enjoy yourself---you deserve a vacation. You need alone time and meditation. It's all good---and you are right on schedual! BLESSINGS

  • Thank you so much Blmoon. I do feel pressured and rushed and have made more than one mistake in my life due to impatience! My strength and energy levels are very low and you are right on target about the comfort food. I am trying very hard to remain in touch with Spirit. Love and light to you and yours.

    The star/meteor Chiron was in the sky when I was born. And my parents named me "karen." According to mythology, Chiron was the "wounded healer" who was able to heal others but not himself.

  • I hear you! Truth be --psychic or not we rarely have a clear map laid out for ourselves as we must learn our lessons and heal our own wounds one step at a time like everyone else. One of my greatest frustrations is not "seeing" the forest for the trees looking back to my own young life. I do believe though that despite that I was always guided and guarded and there was a feeling of destiny that kept me moving forward. With age I learned the value of "no regrets"---not a release from acountability but more of a blessing that keeps you from stuck energy or restlessness. I think being psychic and a healer can make us less patient with ourselves---as if we should know better --do more. You are not alone! We are the same age---the age for letting go and being your OWN loving mother and protecting father. And no regrets---only lesson learned---and looking forward. All the while--most important---live in "the moment". That's where you are right now---in the moment. Things will pick up soon enough---all you need to do is be ready---at full power---body mind and spirit. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, I've made SO many mistakes but even mistakes teach! I just don't want to make too many more with the amount of time I have left on earth. I have recently realized that my marriage is a source of great unhappiness and no amount of wishing will make it better. I have a difficult time loving ME and tend to stay in unhealthy relationships because I don't want to hurt someone else! It's funny you wrote about being in the moment. I just checked a book out of the library that was written for women to learn to do just that! You are definitely tuned in to me! haha Peace and light.

  • Hello Shuabby!!! Im am soooo happy to hear from you! I even tried getting your e-mail! You should put up your own blog so we can find youwhen you dissapear like that;-) How i have missed you! How are you my friend? Did you and your husband not relocate? Wel I am just so happy you are back. Just to let you know- Markus's eye rejected and there were problems (like you said) but you told me it would come right and it did Thank You and Thank You God! His eye is fine again now so we have lots to be thankfull for.He is due to have the other one done Oct/Nnov. And yes please if I may ask - My husband is due to embark on a new bussiness venture with a partner and I would like to know if we can trust him and if he should go for it? He has a steady job but is not very happy but cannot just up and go before we are sure. His name is Rudoph and DOB 12/10/66. Boy I am soo glad to hear you back! Since you gone I did not even have the urge to go on the forum anymore. So happy and really appreciate you doing a reading for me (See WE NEED YOU HERE!) O and Happy Mothers day for tomorrow, hope you have a wonderfull day and get very spoiled. You do have children? I have 2 girls 37,36 and 2 boys 35 and Markus will be 21 on 29 May. Then I have 5 grand children so blessed I am.

    Thank you again

    God Bless


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  • Why did I get a reply like this? Seems from admin??

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  • O Hi chironlay1953, Yes that was a bit confusing? Asked for a reading from Shuabby and got that? She said she is only ther sometimes, is it perhaps possible if you could answer me if she is not there? Will really appreciate it very much.Something specific that I would like to know about. My husband has a job but someone wants him to embark on a new venture with him to open their own bussiness. Can this person be trusted but more so will this be succesfull?? We cannot afford for my husband to just up and go and have to concider this very careful? And then we have been having financial problems so what doyou see in futre and when will all be ok again?

    Thank you so much

  • O sorry 1953 That was for Blmoon

  • No problem chappies! I will pray for you and send white light and energy to help with your decision.

  • Hi chironlady1953

    Thank you so much - Decisions Decisions! Dont know why life choices has to be soooo hard hey? Well I wish you well on your endeavour as well - I always just pray and answers seem to come so God Bless and hope you will be happy as well in your decisions and life choices.


  • Dear friends, it's funny how life can change in a matter of days. Although selling my father's property, training in hypnotherapy and moving back to Georgia are all still goals, my priority now is my unborn grandchild. I started a new post about him but I will tell you that the doctor says his ultrasound could indicate Downs Syndrome and our little one seems to have a hole in his heart. He is due just before Thanksgiving and we have waited a very long time for him. I love him so much already! It's possible the ultrasound could be wrong and they are going to do a special ultrasound on his heart next Tuesday. Please keep him in your prayers and meditations.

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