Would love a Reading.

  • Would love to have a reading, if anyone is available to lend some insight, just looking for a general one, thought id ask, as would be good too see where i am heading at the moment.

    Thanks in advance, and i appreciate it. Love and light Bee Xx

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  • Give it 24 hours and go rest Becca. I'm sure myself and others will keep your thread bumped for you 🙂

  • thanks PH- 🙂

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  • Hello Becca,

    I just felt a sudden urge/desire to do a 3 card tarot spread for you; past, present and future. This is what I got.

    Past, the Hierophant:

    Have you been experiencing a lot of doubts and fears recently? Particularly fears of loss? A loss of faith in yourself as well as spirit? Maybe you've been feeling profoundly alone or put another way, extremely lonely?

    Well you needn't feel that way any longer. In your present position I drew the 9 of Coins (Pentacles). This is the card of harmony. Of private retreat where you can pamper yourself and nourish your soul. In practical terms it indicates a period of better health, better luck, more money and/or a solid job. For you in particular Becca, I feel drawn to the words better health and better luck.

    In the grand scheme of things this is not going to be an off-the-charts scale of good luck or good health, but rather a much smaller, very much personal improvement which will bring you much needed comfort and serenity.

    As for the future, you are here represented by the Queen of Swords. As a person this card represents the woman with the answers. Whatever you are asking now or in the very near future will be answered. Put another way, you will get your answers Becca. Moreover, you will be a person that others seek out for answers. This I feel is slightly more distant in the future, but in the short-term, expect the answers to your questions. Maybe not all of them, but the most pertinent ones to you at this time.

    As I drew the cards I also felt your recent retreat time, even if it was brought about by your current illness, has done you the world of good. It's cleared your path and prepared you for your next phase of growth. Don't allow this period to bring you down, everything happens for a reason.

    When I think of time-scales I am inclined to say expect changes by the end of May. You should have your answers by the end of the month.

    I very much hope this has helped you in some way Becca.

    Much love & light to you. Hang in there,


  • Thanks marc, that helped a lot. I will reply more in the morning. I hope your right about getting the answers eventually, Guess i have to do a bit more waiting, lol.

    Thanks again, and will be back later on to add a bit more of a feedback.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • Dear Becca,

    Just a quick word from your angels. Actually AA Michael. He says to focus. That you have the abilities to acknowledge your own psychic guidance, but fear stands in your way. Self-doubt. You are being "bombarded" he says with ideas all the time...those that originate in your mind's thoughts...those that pop in unannounced. And that is your divine guidance manifesting within yourself. Your answers...are within already. You just have to begin to trust in them...trust in yourself and your ability to recognize thoughts as they are intended...to help guide you through your life's journey. Self-doubt and insecurity abound he says, and they are nothing to even give an iota of energy to. They exist only in one place, and that is within your mind's Ego. He asks that you see yourself as the person you were born to be. A carbon copy of him. Powerful. Strong. Emanating wisdom. He says to get a picture of him to carry with you, so that when the doubt creeps in, you can look at him to re-energize yourself. Because you need it he says.

    Listen to the ideas. Hear them. Heed them. What do you have to lose he asks? Just do it. And your reliance becomes inward then. You will answer your own questions by heeding the divine guidance you already receive. Trust in it. And the road is paved with gold for you he says.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Marc PH- your reading was good, and i thank you for that. as it has helped a lot, your right about the lonely thing, though i do not mind it sometimes prefer it, I do enjoy my own company, though i do try when i am in college, sometimes to try and talk to people a bit more. and get in with the groups, sometimes that is difficult lol, but Sometimes its not too bad. i like the sound of the first bit too Marc, and i am sort of in a job at the moment, though its just for starters, baby sitting 🙂 its not much, but i am glad to be getting out some. Thanks again Marc. Appreciate it. Bee Xx


    Miss Beth- you always surprise me with your messages, and sometimes i even forget you talk to the angels, Sometimes that just to me doesn't seem possible, lol. Cause i guess i am new to this still. and learning part as well, I guess i have a lot to work on still. i do get a lot of ideas, but its the doing part that i never get around too, Thank you for the wonderful message, i definitely wasn't expecting it. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your gift as well. Love and Light Bee Xx

  • See? I told you you'd be getting answers 😉

    I just wanted to say, I too saw you as "Powerful. Strong. Emanating wisdom". That's the Queen of Swords in my reading. You're on the right track. Going out and initiating contact is the scariest part, and it probably wasn't that scary when you look back on it. In fact, you'd be surprised at how much courage it has given you.

    Trust me, I would know being that I chat up women in the local park. Just ask Miss Beth, it's her and AA Michael's fault lol

  • Lol- 🙂 PH- marc, you funny, and kind. I never thought those words could ever be to describe me lol, Well, i guess your right about the courage thing too, and i am sure there are plenty of other people who do that too, Though i am sure the woman appreciate it, 🙂 I am still having visits from that visitor though, this week i had, So i think its still around, hopefully, i will be able to get rid of it, eventually, well i hope too. Cause it has been around for too long. Going away this weekend, and had a whole week of college for a cold, i caught coming back from camping, fun lol. Thank you for helping me out too Marc, i appreciate it 🙂 Sometimes i do over react to certain situations, and i tend to isolate myself and get emotional, that is anoyying, but i am sure it will come into something good eventually, in the end. Love ya marc, and of course miss beth 🙂

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • That thing is still around? Kick it's butt already! Before I come down and kick your butt 😉

  • lol- 🙂 Yes and ok hehe, and I will try. Love Bee Xx

  • Hi Bee and Marc,

    Hope this posting finds you both doing great. Marc, definitely loved the chatting up women in the park. I will remember your story for a longggg time. I sent you your file by the way the other day and hope it came through okay!

    Bee -- just don't give any more energy, attention, thought to the entity. It's feeding off your attention. Just surround yourself (in your imagery) with the divine light of the Holy Spirit -- white and purple because Michael's is purple and it will give you a second layer. Then go about your business. Remember...you are much stronger and much more powerful than it can ever be.

    Love to you both,

    Miss Beth

  • Okay missbeth, Guess i can only try my best, though its a little diffcuilt when you can feel around more at night, speacially when i am trying to sleep, Guess i am still kind of wary of it, not sure if those types of entity's cause bad dreaming too, because i think that is also were im getting a lot of mine from at the moment. I am all new to this kind of thing, and i guess i should have looked into shielding earlier, bit it has been around for a long while. I know i need to sort something out, but i guess that part is making me afraid too. I love your advice and things, i just hope it works out, eventually. and Since getting into the whole spirit stuff, i have really had only bad experiences, well i wouldn't really say really bad, but they havent been good. So i am confused on what to do at the moment as well. Thank you for your message.

    . Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Dear Bee,

    Shielding yourself is just part of your protection. In the same vein as you wouldn't get into a car and drive it without a seatbelt. You don't try to talk to the spirit world, the guide world, even the angel world, without shielding yourself with the protective white light of God. It becomes second nature after awhile, but early on you have to remind yourself to do it. I'm not saying your irritant is not a good spirit...but he's not in the white light yet. So he isn't walking with God yet. He may be afraid, he may want to "resolve" something here, and not even know he's dead. That's why I originally suggested you go from room to room and tell him he is. Some are stubborn though. Don't believe you. All you can do is try, and then not give him any of your energy.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Thanks missbeth 🙂 for your advice, and i hope you are doing well, and love you.

    Bee Xx

  • You need to trust yourself Becca. The challenges you are experiencing are designed to make you trust yourself, to stand in your own Divine power and take charge. And also to have faith, in yourself.

    You are NOT this timid, nervous, uncertain, doubting person that you've talked yourself into being. You are a beautiful soul with a Divine purpose in life. At some point you are just going to have to feel the fear and do it anyway. Once you do, your life will improve in leaps and bounds.

    And before you post your reply, stop and look at it. I don't want to see any "I guess.." or "Yes, but..." or anything of the sort.

    As Yoda said; "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

    The question to you Becca; are you going to do it, or not?

  • That's a good questions Marc, I have asked myself, that many times, and i guess i know i have too to it, Thank you. 🙂 If i want it to go away then i guess i know what to do. Thank you for that message too, your as sweet as miss beth. lol. Love and Light Bee Xx

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