I Would Like Some Guidance

  • Hi All.

    I'm currently struggling with a major road block to a goal I've had all year: transferring colleges. This road block has made my chances of getting into a certain college diminish greatly, and my overall chances of getting into college do the same as the other school I applied to is a reach.

    Up until this point I was working on affirmation and manifestation, and it had kept me quite confident about my academic future. But now that this dilemma has blindsided me, I am lost. And I don't know how to believe in my future again.

    I just need guidance right now. If you see anything in my future that has to do with my college career, or transfer acceptance, please leave it below, no matter how 'bleak' or 'good' it is. If you feel absolutely nothing that would point to an outcome on this situation, I would still appreciate guidance in any respect that can help me through this bizarre time, and make the future a little less ambiguous.

  • While awaiting some answers there are a couple of timely things you can do.

    As for working with manifestation go to this thread and read about the New Moon wishes and what New Moon in Taurus roles so you can add this power to it.


    Now for affirmations, go to this thread and write out your affirmation that the Law of Abundance will push through barriers as if it were a knife through butter.


    Then go on the internet and get a picture of Ganesha (the Hindu elephant deity) He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. Print out the picture or save it ass a wallpaper and ask for his help in removing these obsticles you’re your path. Then leave an offering of modoka (his favorite food which can be obtained from an Indian cuisine restaurant or store) and if not that then possibly a “mounds bar”. Leave it outside for him (but not right next to your house) and then pour some milk on the ground as well.


  • Thank you for your help I believe. Writing is something I've never tried before.

  • Dear Electrum,

    Some words from our angels O:-)

    First, I'm sensing that the dilemma you speak of is based upon some non-action on your part. Which, of course, is a choice made by you using your free will abilities. To rectify it, I would strongly suggest that you call in your angels, and ask them to intervene on your behalf. To smooth the waters so to speak. In order to let fate -- what was "supposed" to happen had you not intervened yourself -- get back in alignment.

    Your angels say that you have been (or perhaps are) in a negative environment -- one that is not conducive to your finding the peace you so long yearn for. To protect yourself from the harshness of your reality, you need to visually wrap yourself in the arms of your Divine Creator -- using his wonderful shield of divine white light around you. Ask for this to be done, and it is. Immediately. You don't have to see it...or even sense it...but know within yourself that it is there. Repelling whatever is thrown your way. This light is healing. It is love. It is goodness. It is peace. Dwell there your angels say, for in it you will find truth.

    Your angels call you a "nervous Nelly" meaning that you tend to get nervous and worry about things over which you do not need to worry or "stew". They say there is a much larger picture outside of yourself...and to get over yourself. For in so doing...you will turn outwards to help those around you who are in need of your help. Service is the key word here. What can you do to help others...be it people, animals or our planet? What can you do to make the world a better place. Think about it they say...then form your intentions around your answers. To put into action your intentions. What you give...comes back to you. In answers to your own personal prayers. One good deed...truly does manifest into rewards for your own personal self.

    One last thought...courtesy of your angels. Think along the lines of learning outside the academia world. For your life's purpose is one of teaching others...standing up in front of groups and speaking, sharing your true inner self with the world. It's a twist I understand from what you are thinking is the right course for you. But again, call on your angels to show you the correct path...tell them to give you signs, show you the opportunities, bring you the teachers. And they will.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you Miss Beth. You have been so helpful... and what you said was spot on. I'm very grateful; you have a wonderful gift. I appreciate it.

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