Confusing Spread - please help with insight

  • Hello 😃

    I've just tried reading a spread for myself but am thoroughly confused, so am hoping someone here could possibly give me more insight.

    The deck I used was the Mystic Dreamers Tarot,

    using the Celtic Cross spread.

    I did not ask a specific question, just let my thoughts roam and dwell on a specific person and an offer that person made me.

    These are the cards:

    1 - Me - Knight of Swords

    2 - Crossing - Six of Cups

    3 - Foundation - Ace of Cups

    4 - Past - Nine of Cups

    5 - Immediate Future - Three of Cups

    6 - Crown - Page of Pentacles

    7 - Myself - Knight of Pentacles

    8 - Environment - Six of Pentacles

    9 - Hopes & Fears - Ten of Swords

    10 - Outcome - Queen of Swords

    Thank you for reading & helping,


  • Hello Shanna,


    The Knight of Swords as a person is about having a sharp mind and a sharp tongue. In this case are you being too "cold" and analytical? Figuring out the pros and cons is a good thing. A wise thing, but don't forget to take your emotions into account. What's your heart telling you?

    Crossing you:

    Your challenge here is to restore emotional balance. To find happiness. Find joy. This could be in your particular situation or with life in general. It relates to the Knight of Swords in telling you to stop taking things so seriously.

    The foundation:

    Your situation has arisen from an emotional yearning. A tugging at the heart. You may still be feeling this yearning, but it is no longer the driving force behind this.

    Your recent past:

    This is an extension of the foundation. In essence, you got what you wished for - a happy, satisfying relationship.

    Your immediate future:

    This is the card of celebrations - weddings, parties, anniversaries. For you in particular it signifies taking the relationship to the next level. The two of you will be emotionally in tune with each other, your wants, needs, and desires in harmony.


    Right now everything is working for you. It is a time of steady growth and development. Expect the best possible outcome.


    Are you plodding along here? Dragging your heels, or not moving as swiftly as you could? Position 7 indicates factors within your control. Relating it back to the 1st card, the Knight of Swords, what's holding you up? Again the message is to stop thinking so much and start "feeling". You can take action here, the ball is in your court so to speak.

    Your environment:

    This is the card of give and take. You are essentially in an environment of give and take which is beyond your control. The question may not be about how much are you willing to give, but are you open to receiving what is being offered? Again I am drawn to the two Knights, what is holding you back? Give voice to your doubts and fears so you can eliminate them. So you can find that happiness expressed in card 2.

    Your hopes and your fears:

    This card says it all. You've overanalysed the situation. You've poked it so full of holes it no longer holds water or even resembles whatever it was supposed to be in the first place. The good news; this is all in your head. In reality, the situation is still perfectly intact.

    Stop feeding your fears. Release them by talking to someone, either here on the forums or someone you trust in real life. Or better yet, the person that made you this offer.

    The outcome:

    I'm inclined to say that this is you again. You are represented here as someone who likes to have all the information possible, all the cold, hard facts before making any sort of decision. You will be in the position where you can successfully argue the pros or the cons depending entirely on the mood you find yourself in at any particular moment. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    With this particular spread however, I actually see you having two choices. The first is to do nothing. By carrying on as you are you'll end up as the Queen of Swords. I'm totally unbiased here, non-judgemental, only you can say if this is right for you.

    The other choice is to meet the challenge head on, to stop thinking and start feeling. Find that happiness, the joy within the situation (and your life as whole perhaps). In doing so you will find yourself in the position represented by cards 5 and 6.

    I hope I have been of help to you Shanna.

    Love & light,


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