Captain , your adivice please :(

  • Dear Captain,

    At the risk of your being inundated with lots of requests I still humbly ask that you help me get some insight on my love life on the present person I am dating.

    Ronald : 19.09 1972

    Elena 30.09.1969

    I seem to be at a loss of really understanding what is going on or not going of for that matter.

    Is he serious about having any relationships or is he a player?? any insight I would be eternally grateful



  • This has bad prospects for marriage or a long term living together arrangement. Even so, the relationship can be a highly enjoyable one, in which an unassuming attitude and natural behaviour figure prominently. This combination should foster trust and understanding, allowing you two to lower your guards significantly. Playfulness is a frequent attribute here - one especially appreciated by you, Elena, as you can be very intense and find it hard to relax. Thus, the relationship is likely to have a childlike aspect, an aura of innocence that is likely to melt the more hardened hearts that you two encounter on your life paths - including your own hearts. The biggest problem here is your naiveté, which may leave you both vulnerable to victimization.

    A love affair here is often preoccupied with the pursuit of fun, in private and in public. Carefree and social in the extreme, you two are ill prepared for serious problems when they arise; barring a catastrophe however, you are likely to proceed undeterred. The relationship is less well-suited to marriage; where Ronald's lack of insight combined with your tendency to worry may create a perilous situation. You can also be very critical and Ronald might not always be able to handle that. He is inclined to beauty and fun and socializing and will look elsewhere if you cannot provide it for him, while you are prone to seeking perfection and may be overly demanding of him. Both of you are difficult to please. This relationship will only survive as a light-hearted fun affair. It is not made for a deeper or a heavier commitment. Enjoy yourself but don't expect more from it.

  • Woww!! your insight was flawless i am totally floored!!! it is true we are both divorced and have been deeply hurt by infidelity. However we only know each other about 4 months and already some serious blocks are coming up. i am already feeling to end things but I like to give people a chance to prove themselves. I do really like him a lot and do wish something can work out but.....

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