May I get a reading please!! indeed in some insight

  • Can i get a reading please as I am still stuck with the same cancer man! and are really stuck with it still.

    his bday july 12 1978

    mine sept 12 1985

    thanks in advance

  • This is a bad match for love. You are both working on issues of ego - which can be good and bad. The question raised by this relationship is "Who am I and what is my place here?" It can be highly competitive as well - who has the more interesting or successful life, the best salary, the larger home, the greater peace of mind, etc. Your Cancer friend is very seductive but also very manipulative, especially if you were cool to him when you met. This challenge can spur him on to greater efforts that may be just to prove to himself that he is irresistible to all women. Ego issues again! You don't like to take the lead in a relationship, preferring to be the silent partner and so you will enjoy this guy coming on strong. However, ego issues here will ultimately prove too divisive and you will end up resentful when you realize your 'friend' was just using you to prove his own attractiveness and will keep moving on from conquest to conquest because of his insecurity about himself. This situation will be too stressful for you so you need to cut yourself off from this guy for good. It is going nowhere.

  • hi captain,

    thanks for the reading. your right on with everything. what you are saying is exactly how i feel with this situation.

    i was wondering if u can give another reading on just a general aspect of what is there for me ?


  • You mean in love or in life in general?

  • in life in general, I felt a bit lost with my life


  • I need a reading please, I am having problems in my marriage I think my husband is hiding a lot of things from me.and i need to know the truth.I think he and his sister both land and hiding a money from me,Since his mothers death he has treated me and our son like dirt.I'm sure they received a large inherits both he says not but i have the papers that says other wise.he would not even let me or our son attend her funeral .his sister is causing so much trouble between us.and i just need to no the truth.It's getting so bad I'm just ready to walk out of this a taurus and he is a libra.

  • ACMP, you are here to learn to deatch emotionally when things get tough so that you can objectively assess a situation and find a solution. You must release your need to hide and cultivate the delicacy, tact, and culture that are the nature of grace. You must learn to rise above the conflicts and traumas tthat befall you and not get stuck in them. It is your mission to grow in strength and character as a result of facing the challenges and trials that you will meet along the way.

    In your life, you can expect great success and a high degree of personal accomplishment and contentment because of your great charm and personal magnetism. Yet you may struggle to overcome some of your more negative traits - you have got a fascinating, creative but spookily dark side and a very weird twist of mind. You can rationalize an addiction to the seamier or more primitive side of life (maybe in thought, maybe in deed) as an escape from prosperity, security and a lifestyle that follows tradtiional moral values. You do need to go to places you haven't seen and step out of the habitual local hangouts that provide only empty conversation and cheap contact - it will clear your head and give you a more fertile perspective on life. You will have to guard against a tendency to be entirely too long-suffering on the one hand or rather ruthlessly critical and judgmental on the other. Nevertheless, your shrewd evaluative instincts will serve you very well if you use them, in romance as well as business. If you are careful to augment your practical talents with a real appreciation of aesthetics, and to recognize and cultivate your need for harmony and the finer things of life, you are sure to be rewarded with genuine admiration for your efforts along this life path. You will find fulfillment in unlocking your self-expression through physical activities such as sport or exercise. Without obsessing over it, you need to find a way to surround yourself with all that calms, soothes and heals you, and that includes people as well as things. Once you feel serene and joyful, your outer world will begin to mirror your inner world.

    The social arena is the crucible for your metamorphosis from bug to butterfly. It is here that you, a basically private, even escapist type of personality, can learn to leave your worries behind you and put your energies to work, often in the service of others.Your charm and grace can motivate, inspire, and teach by example. Known for your fairness, you will become sought out for your highly objective opinions and thus will make a particularly good consultant and troubleshooter. Ultimately you will exhibit leadership skills, whether it be of a family, social or professional group. With your great compassion and empathy, you can become one of the movers and shakers of the world. When you hit your stride, you are a master builder, whether it is a home, a relationship, or a business. If you are willing to follow the rules and choose a profession that is in alignment with your values, you can successfuly build anything - for example, if you consider massage to be a tool for healing others that could also be profitable for you, then you would be a success in that field. You know how to attract money and have a keen sense of what something is worth. In terms of finances, the willingness to spend on objects of beauty doesn't mean you are extravagant - you are in fact very money-minded. Your talent with money can lead to an appropriate career eg. in banking, insurance, entrepreneurship, or investments. Any field that emphasizes an appreciation of the physical aspects of life and the five senses would be enjoyable and profitable - farming, construction, engineering, cooking, or teaching physical education are some examples. Your best bet is to do your own thing - run your own business or work for a company where you can feel autonomous. You are also good in crisis situations and have a natural affinity for psychology. Your powerful versatile mind and wit, along with your sensitivity and strong drive for success, will see you make an excellent inventor, innovator or writer. Many self-made millionaires share your profile and go on to be great humanitarians who share their wealth with others.

    People with your particular profile often have difficulty sustaining a relationship until their thirties or forties, so it's fine if you want to focus on career until then and get more serious about finding a life partner after that. It's a good thing for you to take your time about it. Before this mid time in your life, you will tend to fall into power struggles and control issues or get mired in self-doubt in your relationships. Choosing a suitable life partner is of paramount importance for you - a true partnership, one beneficial to the social, emotional, and career advancement of both parties. But you must beware of seeking self-worth through other people because what you really want is to merge with some else's energy and feel mutual empowerment. You are looking for total permanent commitment and a partner you can count on to take care of all your material needs while you take care of them emotionally - or vice versa. In order to achieve this sort of relationship, you must be discriminating and find someone with similar energy and values. But you must first get in touch with your own values and become strong within yourself, aware of what you want, and tune into what is real and meaningful for you. As you become stronger, you will automatically attract a mate of similar energy with whom you can form a strong partnership. Raising children is recommended for such a partnership, whether your own or others'. You will be a dedicated parent and a loving partner. The process of this life path often transforms an intense sexuality into a more sensuous and relaxed one. Such redirection is unlikely to come with any sense of regret or loss. In fact, sex can be an addiction on this path until you mature. You will need to probe deeply into issues of being sexy as well as smart. Family ties are strong in you, even to the point of establishing a dynasty, which can continue for many generations.

    Good luck to you - I hope this has helped to make things clearer for you.

  • Peg360, can you please start your own personal thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and you can get your answers there. More readers will be able to see your question then.

  • ACMP, that first line should be "to detach emotionally"...

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