Captain, May I please have a relationship scenario reading??

  • I would really appreciate this if you may be so kind to give me a run down of what our relationship would be like.

    Myself: March 23, 1978

    Him: August 17, 1981

    Please and Thank you,

    Love Detox

  • Terribly Sorry.. His is September 17, 1981

    I have no idea why I have that date stuck in my head.

  • Sorry I missed this.

    If you still want to know, this relationship may well address itself to big projects and plans born out of wide-ranging ideas and implemented with practised expertise. The ambition of these plans may arouse expectations that are not always fulfilled, however, for strict maintenance is required even once the train is back on the rails, and this relationship may not sustain such long-range efforts. Disappointments and setbacks can undermine the relationship's strength, particularly if heavy criticism and blame come to the surface.

    This combination doesn't exhibit particularly great emotional strength and unity. Your friend tends to be extremely discriminating and careful in the expression of his emotions - he has a great deal of control over his feelings and is apt to make deliberate decisions in any given situation as to how much or how little of himself he wants to reveal. You are far less selective - in fact, you don't really choose to express emotion but do so naturally. It will be difficult then for your friend to handle your more direct and unpremeditated feelings. Moreover, you are very sensitive to criticism of any kind - your friend's particular forte.

    Unforgiving attitudes may dominate this relationship at times, and rarely is a second chance given when major mistakes are made. Once a promise is not kept, hopes held out in the future will be treated warily. Interpersonal bonds may not survive highly stressful emotional encounters. However, much can be learned from this relationship and much accomplished, especially if there is a business involvement, but not usually in the areas of friendship, love or marriage. It is in acquaintanceship, work or in an advisory capacity that this matchup works best, particularly when there is not a lot of intimate contact. This combination's ingredients of a fertile imagination (you) and hardheaded realism (your friend) may well interact to advance career success. But deep feelings usually just get in the way here and objectivity is needed to understand the true nature of the relationship, an objectivity that you LoveDetox will find difficult to achieve with your unrealistic romantic expectations.

  • Thank you, I did not need the reading anymore but I appreciate the time and effort you placed into it for me. As usual you are right on.. Thank you again.

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