Broken hearted and very confused.

  • Hello, I am a taurus female in love with an aquarian man. our relation was going nice till feb'2009. all of a sudden he was diagnosed with cancer. let me mention here that he is married and has kids. we were a loving family till the diagnosis. now, he still loves me but he wants me to marry someone else cos he thinks that he wont be able to give me a happy life. though we talk daily over phone, he is different. he loves me still but that charm is gone. i dont know what to do. i want to assure him that he is the one i love whatever his situation. i cant live without him and i miss him very much. pls can somebody help me? i have no one to talk to about my troubles.

  • You are not seeing the writing on the wall, he has made it clear that he does not want you that way, and by talking to him everyday you are making it worse for yourself. Listen to a man when he tells you that to marry someone else and that he won't make you happy. And he is proving that, he is not making you happy. You say you can't live without him, no you can't live without air or shelter, you just don't want to live without him, and he is married to boot. The only person who can help you now is yourself, you will survive this and go on to find a single man who you will love and he will love you and then marry him. yes right now you think you will never love anyone this way again, but you will, and this time around, go for a single man, a man who is married is a cheater, and why would you want that, if he does it with you,he will do it to you. Put yourself on some free dating sites, stop talking to him, read the the bood "don't call that man" excellent book and now that you will survive and one day thrive

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