CWB needs insight thank u

  • Maybe i'm psycho roflmao oh man i need guidance ....and a smoke !

  • lol Coyote really is your totem animal huh?

  • I've visited some sites and each say i'm a different animal camel-tunafish-cougar-you name it but Coyote seems like a good choice for me....

    Is meditation the only way to find your totem animal PH ? Because i really $uck at it lol maybe i ask the cards hmmm....

  • There are several ways. One is to simply recognise it. This is the animal you most identify with, as far back as you can remember. It is usually just the one animal but it could be several. In fact some believe we have 9 power totems.

    The other popular way to meet your animal guide is to journey. This includes meditation, a vision quest or simply dreaming. Ask with reverence and respect that your guide introduce his or herself in your dreams. You may not meet that night but know that you will soon enough.

    You could also ask respectfully that they introduce themselves in your waking life. It's then a matter of keeping your eyes and ears open. What animal keeps appearing to you, on TV, on the Internet, in magazines, books, billboards, while you are out walking, etc etc.

    Or yes, you could ask the cards.

    And I'm sorry for hijacking your thread CWB. One of these days Seehorse will learn what the Create a new topic link does 😉

  • Hey i know that ! But it's not working i must've clicked the damn lighbulb image a million times by now....

  • PH thank u 4 ur incredible work. ill need to re read it a few times over the next few days.

    on the lend its ok i dont mind., happens.

    my heart knows what it wants but i dunno how to ask it.


  • You don't need to ask it bach. Just listen to it. In order to do that you need to let go of your FUDs, your fears uncertainties and doubts. Easier said than done I know 😕 but you'll get there.

    P.S bach = Welsh word, a term of endearment like dear 🙂


    @PH,thank you Marc, your pretty compassionate yourself:) i started a thread for Mr.seehorse your welcome to drop in, its a thread for anything goes lol...

    @ CWB, the answers will come sweetie, i know its hard for you to reach out, but hey look we are all here for you...ok..listen to mama

    love and light to all


  • Hey my lovely earth angels.

    well i didnt have to reach out. mom stopped by as if summoned. in the sense she was close by n she had a thought to visit.

    She listened like never before n she wasn´t dissappointed to my face at least. she relaxed when i said i had not quit yet. she knows i did my best but other than that she just listened.

    Im gonna visit my sis this coming weekend , need to get out of town, see it from a different perspective. at least try. allow myself a breather from my own head.

    im close to letting me get me so to say.

    with having told the heaviest obstacle n overcome myself to ask hey sis may i visit, im gonna call charlie n ask him. as many of u have said i must do the jump to get what i wish want n desire. as i say to many i try to help n guide " what have u got to loose?"

    right now i got nothing to loose by calling n asking him. so thats what ill do.

    wish me luck my lovely earth angels.


  • Well i called n now im like flaoting fast to the ground rocks below.

    i cross all i can cross n pray he´ll reach out n aide me.

    as a retired fireman he oughta no? as in ought to b in his blood lol

    nah he ought not but i pray he will

    any see anything prospect as it s set in motion?

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  • Hey cappy,yippee sounds like you have had your Angels on yourside:)..I realize that must have been a sensitive topic for you and your mom to have...So, now Breatheeeeee, and as far as Charlie, breathe again lol...sending you lots of love and light...

    hugs shee

  • breathing breathlessly. wont say it lol i dont have a blush jpeg lol

  • BUMP!

  • This post is deleted!

  • yes do tell, inquiring minds want to

    serious though how are things going...

    Namaste' CWB


  • Hey ladies

    no words yet, however i did call n said i was thankful he even considers to hire me. i try not to be pushy or gogogogogogo desperate. after all has the pacve of tortoise served me best lol


  • You know CWB i see so much of you in me i would like to share a little with you but before i do just know this i want nothing more that the best for you and your happiness OK and remember i Love and care what happens to you .

    First i think your sis and Mother has seen your ups and downs and they just want what they feel will make your life easier on you and some is based on their own experiance or thier misstakes they feel they might of made and that maybe you could have it better and i really think it is all in Love and real concern for you welfare . As for charlie

    You know what and how i feel about Andrea right ? Well i have never seen her here yet and i would give anything for that ,but in reality it has all been in my head as i know but you sure cant tell my heart that my heart tells me a different story ,is it going to be this way the rest of my life ? I do not know but you have got to talk to charlie on the phone and i will say this if Andrea called me and said she wanted and was ready to come to me i would move mountains to get her here and do what ever i needed to do , thats the kinda of Love i feel for her but its just in my head and there has not been any reality to it as we know it but i still feel it in my heart .

    That is what drives me 1000% is knowing someone wants me and loves me and i want them and love them and with out that i could care less no much matters there is no drive to be better oh i get by i have worked but my heart was not in it and i could never get them juices flowing but if you give me a reason like the love of a women i will try and conker the world and it has always been like this for me even when it was just me and the girls and i was the only one supporting them i did it i worked hard and was always good at what i did but that drive was not there . I met a women during that time and in 2 weeks i had it set up to buy a new brick house for us and could afford it when we had just been getting by ,in that short time me and Brenda was married or long time for me but i did more in 15 years most men dont accomplish in a life time i had that drive and my Faith that backed it up .I say this because i see that in you ,your searching for that thing that drives you.

    Now have i lost my drive ? NO i just do not have anything to drive for ,have i lost hope ? No

    Now i will ask you this i know it dont matter about anything else cause it is very plaine to see what you have your mind set on charlie ! I am consearned about how much do you know about him for sure and if every thing he is telling you is true and what if you get over here and its nothing you exspected ? Then what ,or maybe he is nothing what you figured or maybe he could not handle you and if these things happen what then ,how would you get back or would you stay here and if your green card exspired then it gets real hard to get a job if you can find one .

    I dont say these things to hurt you but for you to be aware of the things you could face .But then it could also be the best thing that ever happen to you that is what i truly hope for but it does not mean that is what i am telling you to do ,that is a decision only you can make and it needs to be only you that makes it .

    Now the schooling CWB Father has given me a common since talent to do just about anything and do it good and i have done a lot but even with all my experience most will not talk to me unless i have a BS Degree and i dont and i have lost out on several very good jobs .I got nearly 43 years in construction from building houses to hotels to hospitals to schools to working on nuclear plants and a whole bunch in between i have been hired own jobs that pay very well from 13 to 15 thousand a month as a supt only to lose out to one who has a BS Degree and 2 years experience in the field and i am usealy a supervisor have been for the last 20 years until the last 2 years when things are tight and very few jobs they have their pick and the go for them pieces of paper rather than the experience and i quit school in the 7th grade but i did get my GED in 1985 but i sure wished i would of went own and got my BS but i didn't and now here i am nearly 60 and no i am not going after it now but that is me ,you are the one who has to decide to do it ,there is a saying i have found to be very true in my life ,Half measures availed me nothing i had to go al the way ,you see my drive for so many years was alcohol i just didn't drink i drank a lot and i done it in bars and it cost a lot to drank as i did to afford it i had to make very good money and to make very good money i had to be better than every one else and 3 times faster and i did and i was until that day came i couldn't anymore because i had to be drunk all the time . I say this because some of them drives have a bad downside to them even when its for Love .

    Would i do it again for Love, oh yes even with what i have been threw and that is probably the only thing i would do it for besides Father . I hope i haven't scr*ewed you up more but you are the only one who can make them decisions and you are the one who has to live whit what ever you decide to do and for me and mine i chose to follow my Heart Love Ya Tooter

  • Dang cyber tarot swallowed my reply UGH!

    Tooter my dear, im very aware of the pitfalls of moving to a country n it might not be as it is in my head. There r other considerations too such as healthcare dental n more.

    as ive told other good friends, Charlie is not my only basket 4 eggs regard work. I love him so its a tricky situation n YES he n i DO need to talk n talk much n long.

    prob is he is one tough guy to catch on the phone.

    ill let all know how i do regard him n me.

    thanx tooter


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