CWB needs insight thank u

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  • to work with n for my cancer man charlie

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  • he is a retired fireman who owns a condo rental business

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  • I duno, all i want is be with him lol

    n working side by side would b a dream come true. n with him i felt n feel i wont need no degree. that with him i could n can obtain it

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  • yeah i know question is what bc ive tried my hand at almost everything

  • First things first CWB, no matter what happens, or what you decide to do; YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE.

    Let me just say that again...


    As Thomas Edison said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

    I've been where you are. I started a Genetics course in Uni. Dropped out after first year. Spent $6,000+ on a Computer course. Didn't finish it. Did a 3 year course Computer Studies. Never finished the 3rd year.

    If your heart is truly not in it, then you won't be able to finish it.

    And that is fine.

    I also know what it's like to not want to disappoint your mother. I am exactly the same. Welcome to our life as a fish lol

    So what is holding you back with regards to Plan A?

  • Hey PH

    thank u so much, im about to weep lol

    what holds me back?

    1. money to relocate

    2. that my charlies wants me in his life n to work with n for him

    3. green card

    4. all my stuff what to do of it, sell or move over if i get to relocate

    5. etc

  • What do YOU want. What is the main intention? Financial? Purpose? Education is an open door to possability---it is a journey that often twists and turns and introduces you to places you never dreamed. Sometimes God (or your version of higher power) has a bigger dream than you can dream right now. I had the same beginnings---my mother wanting to put her money up for school but with her idea of my talents and future---her eye on the prize was buisness--a money maker. OK the thing is I'm capable of succeeding at many things! As are you but we must balance the two realities--earth and Spirit. Maybe there are people to meet and discoveries to make that do not fit into the logically plan so your anxiety is spot on---you know there is more to your life than just choosing a subject and mastering it. The bottom line for you is the success failure issue. Your perspective versus others that get to you---are important to you. I got the same thing growing up---I constantly changed course---my parents seen it as a flaw---years later in my forties I met an older woman a mentor who was like me and made me see how gifted that is---to have many irons in the fire---to be an artist---but maybe next year write a book---to take a playwrite class but maybe for two years do computer graphics! All education is valuable---it opens your world wide. Believe in yourself---avoid thinking of changes as failures---people who lead the most spiritual lives often take many roads as they gather lessons. Charmed one---there is no map---just an intention to get out there--to begin to begin and follow your bliss. It's usually a mistake to choose education on a money return priority. It clouds the spiritual path. You are not going to be able to please others and live your truth without pressure from success failure perspective as you must consider your personal growth. Just sign up for a class and let it unfold---even if you drop a class you learn what you DON'T WANT! It's all good! Just keep on keepin on! BLESSINGS

  • Thanx Blmoon sweetie

    is juss as i mentioned b4 i dunno if i can see myself do it if i continue. if i dont what ought i pursue? im at loss. my biggest wish is as also mentioned b4 to work with n for plus to b with charlie, i think my biggest fear is dissappointing family along to hear those accusations again. i cant face it again.

    i juss need to hear see what ill do say come august 2011

  • Hey, CWB, aka Cappy,:) I've been on a search for you trying to find something that can give you a brighter outlook...:) I have tried to tap into you, but theres a feeling of self doubt that I can't go any further, or the experience is not there for me.:( It could be my self doubt I'm picking up on or yours or maybe the both of

    I know this may not be what your searching for, but i hope that some of this will help...I feel your sadness, and this is not like you cappy..But you know its OK, we all have the self doubts and need to reach out...Ok so your 39, and i know you want to be with Charlie...Ok, now i ask you this, with no disrespect to you dear friend...Would Charlie help you to finance a trip to the states and have a trial period with him...

    also I feel your turmoil in your relationships with the men you love still have that hold on you...I also feel you can't or are afraid if you make a decision on the relationship that you want has to also be decided. Love is most confusing at the best of times but you have two men whom you love with all of your heart...but thats another obstacle in making your decision on schooling..All this has to come from you, in that place where you are afraid to look...Just my 2 cents sweetie...I wish that you could see yourself through the eyes of others and to take that respect and admiration and use it for yourself..You have such a gift with words, and your compassion is felt...I know that it has caused us a few moments but i think i get it now CW...Love for you and the belief that you can do anything and have anything but you must BELIEVE...

    Yes, mom will be peed off for a moment, you know this..But if you can change your way in approaching her without conflict and just tell her what you are telling us, do you think she would be open to listen to your thoughts and feelings...I realize how difficult it is for you to be an adult, but your mother being involved in the financial aspects of your education..Ok i will leave you with this underneath, attached with a huge hug, Love,Light,Abundance,Peace,answers and laughter..I sincerely wish i could offer you more. x o

    Namaste CWB

    aka shatzie


    aka my journey

    Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 20)

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    ps i know you may have read your year ahead but i wanted to repost this....

  • MyJourney, you are simply overflowing with compassion. It's a great sight to behold.

    Love & light to you,


  • MyJourney, my sis in spiritrealms n real life

    As iread the would ur charlie finance n trial period u i heard from him a resounding yes after i had mentioned dunno hafta ask. he kinda cut me off. im in tears.

    as i slept to today my soul reached out to those that gets me understands me n accepts me as i am whims n all. Alden showed n we was at a shingding where all his nmine old friends was, those we have in common. i know i said dang no camera wait i have my phone cam, lol i know i bent down to hug him n my soul cried i love u somuch.

    that said its the compassiona he shows me, that he gets how i am n feel. thats precious its love in a way , but i must b careful not to mistake it for what we know as true blue truest kinds of soul flame love.

    that said it could also been charlie, bc all inoticed was hair n a cheek n a warm loving feeling. charlie is all bizz when he answer phone but when he hears its me his voice takes on a warm loving intimiate im here im listeneng i wanna know u voice. blows me.

    by it imean ive more often felt the jalousy, the put downs than compassion understandingn love. n pisces as i am n sensitive i tend to at times mistake kind words n compassion for love.

    mayb im worng mayb im not. dunno i think im both. i dunno what that dream astral mean or will mean time will show. either way its a miracle when im with either one of em.

    for not its the workpath that weighs heavy. i often told myself gurl u was born in the wrong centrury, bc basically all u want to b is a stay at home mom n do ya thing like crafts n stuff


    My sis thanx its been awhike since i read year scope. each scope changes every 4 minutes so each one sees is one made in the moment but has changed times over since printed. yet something sticks like a red thread through it. thank u sweetie

  • You know, stay at home moms making crafts is a viable way of making money...

  • HEY CWB !! Hello shee, PH nice to meet you here etc etc. Now, about last night : 22:00 i say g'night to CB (that's Shee and Bee) really tired i hit the bed but not before i snooped into this thread. Tried to sleep next, zillion things on my mind, this also. At midnight i get out of bed go to kitchen for a smoke and then it hits me : FOCUS. This word comes like a bee in my mind along with some thoughts. Too many paths CWB, too many roads to travel while you only need one. The universe has wheels YOU set in motion Look deep inside find what your heart REALLY wants make a decision and stick to it. Spirit awaits for you to choose and then it will reveal the way, because there is always a way.

    OK, i put out the cigarette grab my newly acquired power animal deck, i go to the living room and start shuffling in the dark. Must shuffled for 2-3 minutes then i abruptly stop. I turn on the lights i was supposed to pick the first 3 cards (not really but i hadn't bothered to carefully read the accompanying booklet then lol) well, i didn't. I just HAD to see the last card.

    BLACK PANTHER-"Follow your passion".

    What next ? I kneel on the carpet and fan the cards. I pass my right hand over them trying to decide which card to pick next. I just HAD to pick the first one.

    HAWK-"Focus. Choose your priorities and eliminate all distractions"

    Now that freaked me out lol i tried to pick a third card but really felt i shouldn't. That was it. Stop.

    Hahaha focus hocus pocus in the middle of the night hope this helped a bit CWB !

  • And you still maintain you're not psychic? Your oracles would disagree lol

  • Few miutes later : Hey, not fair CWB ! Just tried to help.....ribbit !

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