CWB needs insight thank u

  • Hi I need info regard education.

    will i continue with the computer science or something else? of something else, what?

    how do i convey it to me folks if its something else?

    i can hear me mom now, so u wasted another year on a dead end? all that money we invested. no where is the, are u sure its not too hard, is this truely what u want? After she pointed this education out for me knowing computers are my thing.

    please aide me, guide me insight me bc im at loss here. i need to choose before too long.


  • Dear Charmed,

    I feel like you really are on course. It is just hard and you thought it would be so much easier. This course will beneift you in the long run. It can in the future lead to something else that will make you glad you continued on and completed what you started.


  • thanx shuabby


  • Do what makes your heart happy my friend 🙂

  • my hearts is in tumoil.

  • Why's that? Are you worrying too much about what others will think? Don't. You are your own leader. Stand strong in your beliefs.

    What are your current doubts and fears with the Computer Science course?

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  • Hi CWB, I'd stick with computer science. As stated above, there are so many avenues you could take with that. Plus, you wrote above that you enjoy the courses and computers are your thing. Sounds like an obvious choice to me.

    Mostly, you just want the degree. I found that it didn't really matter what my degree was in eventually. Employers just like to see a degree. I was a communications major and then ended up going back for a teaching credential. Totally unrelated seemingly but believe me, the degree in communications has most certainly been helpful in teaching and working with parents and all the politics that go with working in a school.

    If you finish your studies and and then decide you want to take other courses to expand your knowledge and broaden your resume (makes you even more desireable in the job market) then that's when to pursue other studies in my opinion. My vote is that you've already invested the time, you enjoy it, computers are taking over the world anyway and you can go into countless types of computer related fields after. You could even teach if you like working with kids. That's also something which would allow you to be hired internationally (I know you've talked about possibly moving to other countries before) and lots of international schools (and regular state schools in general) are looking for someone with excellent computer skills.

    Good luck! No matter what, you'll make the right decision.

  • PH

    i fear i dont have what it takes to change the way i learn it. That ive passed the age where im adaptable. i fear im unable to learn the way i need to learn it. i fear that im in over my head.

    deep down is my heart not init. ive grown tolike it but lately ive asked do i see myself work as a computer science person.

    i hate to dissappoint my family again. along kicking myself i kick more bc i fear n know they will blame me again. not looking at the job ive done to the best of my abilites but the wastedness of a year n finances.

    i fear im at another dead end.

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  • Doeyeyed im at the end of year one n has contemplated to retake the first year to get the foundation fully in place. HOWEVER it will take a different angle a change in how i learn it,

    right now i just feel that im stuck n cant see how to change fast enough n properly enoiugh. they have honted examples. bottomline if i cant i wont make it.

    i fear ive crossed the expirationdate of adaption to modern high rise educations such as computer science.

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  • its an education thats set to take 2½ years. its not a major its the name of the education. init are programming, technology, business, uml, e business n much more. its nothing init u can not take or choose out. its all or nothing.

    i know of benefits once ive passed all tests n exams, BUT so far i aint passed a single thing. i feel im way in over my head here.

    please i just need insigths wether im continue or change to something else n if soemthing else what education or job?

    know this , im VERY appreciative of all ur replies, i hear u. i juss feel so blind

  • i contemplate to retake year one bc i feel lack sturdy foundation pillars. but my teachers enlighten me that to pass n get where im to be i need to change the way i learn it, be more seeking n questionable n less learn so memorize it n please them.

    i can do it i think but i dunno i can do it in the short time its asked of me. yes selfdoubt big time. i think now its come to a head, i took this gig as plan b untikl my biggest wish would shiow, n until plan a was happening to do the best on plan b. plan b would if i can do it get me that degree i lack., i juss doubt it now.

    im 39 n its harder n harder to adapt. its like i fight for naught

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  • im in class with 95% who has had 2 years of expert programming already, other high degree part of educations n stuff.

    i dunno what i wanna switch to, im clueless n along it comes the how do i convey it bc im broke n would need more financing for books n shit.

    overall i just wanna work with n for my cancer man charlie.

    what weighs most is the dissappointment n bs i know will come from my mom. i can hear her now., n it makes me wanna cry

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