Help breaking up with a Sagittarius

  • Hi,

    I'm a Virgo, a month ago I met a Saggitarius girl online in an MMO, enough said. I liked the conversations with her and the conversations (on skype just voice) went on for a while along with boyfriend-girlfriend interaction with online persona. I never foresaw this but this evolved into "real" love for her but not for me. I tried breaking this "relationship" up by stating my feelings but she ends up crying and throwing up. She states out of the relationships shes been in, I somehow am much better. Along with that she was fine being single till I showed up. Ever since I've been pretending to be interested I don't mind this, however, she ends up wanting to meet up in real life(I hated myself for this, I've made this so much worse). I have come up with only one solution. Meet up with her and tell her I'm not interested of her looks. Other than that I have nothing, I really don't want her to break down again. I may have no feelings for her but I still have morals. Any Suggestions? Maybe a date or a planet phase when Sagittarius is less emotional?

  • Meeting up with her may just prolong her illusion and make her believe you are interested - this girl doesn't live in the real world. She is fantasizing your 'relationship' which is not really one at all. You are not responsible for her state of mind. The kindest thing would be to break off all contact immediately. I feel this girl has manipulated other people in the past by putting on hysterics just to make them feel sorry or worried enough to stay around. Don't play her games.

  • TheCaptain,

    I agree and will do. This is the best for her and definitely the best thing for me as well. Thanks for helping me see things this way, I still have much to learn.

  • Sorry for the double post. Some here say I should write a goodbye letter at least. Do you agree?

  • I think that any more contact will just prolong her fantasy that you two are in a relationship. You have already stated your feelings to her. Anything more will convinve her you are still interested. This is a 'cruel to be kind' situation. I don't feel she is the sort of person who will take a goodbye letter as a conclusion. She feels very obsessive and delusional to me, the type that can turn a goodbye letter into something that she sees as your wanting to stay in touch. This type of person needs a counsellor, not a friend.

  • Word from the wise. Do not continue with that head hunter. The more you try to make it right. The worse it will get. She is just waiting to get her claws in you ! All that , she's going on with is game. If you meet her in person then there is no turning back.

  • Thanks guys for your time and thought! I agree with your responses.

  • Hi Frank, have just come across this thread. Am answering as I'm a Sagi. This reaction I have to say is totally out of character for us Sagis. We do like to know the truth so we can move on - we hate being stuck in limbo. You have already expressed your feelings to this woman and if a man (God forbid) haha ever rejected me I would immediately turn tail and head as far in the opposite direction as possible, mainly to lick my wounds but the thought of my pride and dignity dented appalls me. You would certainly never hear from me again.

    I think perhaps the Captain has hit upon something here that perhaps she does need some counselling and you would be wise to sever all ties.

    Good luck

  • as a sag just tell her there will be no more contact & be done with it as yummy said we like the truth here ego may be dented but she will recover make sure to block her from your email and skype accounts and Do not meet with her!!

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  • Man the post above is so flashy, huge, and annoying.


    I thank you for your input but I have already solved this problem when captain last posted. I'd like to share how this relationship went just for the sake of being on a forum. The reason l wanted to leave is that she had full FULL control over me, she knew what I was thinking, she knew what I would do next, when I was about to leave before I made this post she said and did things that made me want to stay and endure (That a Sagittarius quality?). So if she said anything after I would have been lured back so I stuck to cutting all communication. However, I could not prevent her from emailing me. In which she did, and despite the advice I emailed back describing how I really felt, and just as you said, she left peacefully. I have to say I'm impressed by the accuracy of your post and grateful that she was a Sagittarius.

    I learned a lot here. I'm now trying at someone much more compatible and not on an MMO.

    Thank you once again.

  • Wow Frank am I having problems trying to reply to you. Just sent you a lengthy message and the damn system crashed so am having to reiterate. This is 3rd time lucky. GRRRRRR

    Anyhoos am glad I could help and well done for your honesty - can't have been easy am sure. I don't think it's a Sagi quality to lay traps and lure people in to our own advantage - we're normally quite upfront guys but then again am sure we all have differing traits here and there.

    Good luck with your online acquaintances - I personally think it's a brilliant tool for meeting others. I mean where else can you chat up 6 or 7 different people at the same time and nobody else aware of it 😉 Ignore me, I'm just an outrageous flirt.

    Best of luck Frank and keep us posted.

  • Just want to say horrah that the above post eventually went through 🙂

  • It is indeed a Sag quality to be unable to let go of people, even when it is not a healthy relationship.

    See this thread -

  • Captain,

    I enjoy talking so I'll go more in depth on this relationship. The reason she wanted to stay with me is because she had problems with the world. She was sexually harassed when she was small, I was as well, so we got along because we had similar pasts, we shared our pain, and thoughts about the world. We talked for a long time and to be honest, conversations with her were the longest ones I've had. However, I had a different reason than hers for playing the MMO, I was in because I felt more comfortable talking to strangers I most likely will never see again. She was in it because her last boyfriend played and she couldn't let go (she denies that but the way she talked about him proves it) and probably was seeking a replacement or "healing" for that loss. When I made this clear to her, we broke up (which lasted only 3 hours). It was her that said the relationship is over then she called and said things that made me feel really sorry for her. We got back together and I faked boyfriend for those two long weeks till she came up with the idea to meet up. So I did like you said I cut every single mode of communication but couldn't cut the emails. I dealt with it my own way at the end through email but cutting the modes of communication did send a message to her (I couldn't have sent a better message in 10000 words).

  • 5Frank5, don't mistake an online friendship for a real relationship. You can't really know someone or have a true relationship with them unless it is face-to-face and day-today, being together in the flesh. People conceal all sorts of things about themselves at a distance. You were not in any way boyfriend and girlfriend so you owe each other nothing. You both were drawn together for one main thing - neither of you wants or can handle an 'in the flesh' relationship at the moment. Both of you need to stop hiding yourselves and get out and live life in the real world. Otherwise you will only have life 'online' and that is only an imaginary one.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the above post Captain, has made me wonder if I'm the 'runt of the litter' so to speak being a Sagi. I have never had problems letting go of people and have dropped friends with the click of fingers, never regretted it and never looked back. The only time I hung on to a relationship was my first marriage when I realised I'd fallen out of love with him and that was through pure fear of how my parents would react. Don't get me wrong they were lovely caring parents but both Catholics, different generation etc..... Yes, this sounds as though I'm agreeing to what the posts are saying but to me it was about upbringing and truly believe these thoughts are general and not just Sagi specifics. Won't go into detail what lengths I went to in order for my 'release' but I never cared less about hurting him or giving him a second thought.

    Just wondered what category the above puts me into - I can so easily walk away from people and would rather live a life alone than with peeps who **** on me.

    Thanks again for steering me towards the above post - it was very interesting.

    Hope you had a good birthday Captain x

  • Oh haha Captain don't worry about me. By cutting all communication I included the MMO.

    Thanks for your concern

  • Yummybrummy, there are all sorts of reasons why Sags can't let go - it's not just because of love. In fact, mostly it's about responsibility, social/familial disapproval, or a fear of being on your own. And it's not usually about friends but about relationships that are more involved and go much deeper.

  • Frank, just a bit of unsolicited advice for the future. Try not to get into serial gaining acceptance/dumping pattern - online or otherwise. Virgos are unfortunately prone to that, and somehow they always end up attracting this kind of troubles. What is obviously a game for you is not necessarily obvious for them.

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