Financial Future - Insight Please

  • You should look into getting some financial support from your son's father - you are in the legal field, surely someone there could give you some advice. I feel like you could set up your own music agency or business when you have the funds to do so (try for a loan from the bank?). You would have to research it well though. I feel you are good at getting money for other people but not for yourself, as if it is wrong for you to be selfish or greedy, and also you can be a bit naive or in denial when it comes to your own money issues. Get rid of those negative thoughts - there's nothing wrong with being paid what you deserve or having money - it's about what you do with it.

    I am not feeling you moving soon but I do feel more activity happening where you are now. I feel you getting very busy. When it comes to life and your work, I think you like to feel in control and get nervous when things get out of control. And I feel you might get afraid of love because it is impossible to control. But you cannot work for peanuts so you should definitely move on from your present job. You want to be useful but it's not worth being underpaid for your efforts.

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