Please help me find my necklace - it means alot alot alot to me.

  • hello,

    I have lost the necklace, it was the first gift that my boyfriend gave me to celebrate our 6mth relationship. He bought it when my family and I went to Brussels, Belgium to visit him. It is a 24ctr thin gold chain with a light blue heart shape topaz pendant.

    I realised that it is lost since yesterday as I searched through my jewelry box, all jacket pockets, purses, bathroom drawers, etc. I have not worn it for two weeks because I had a rash on my chest from the humidity in hong kong therefore I took it off - I rmb very clearly that I took it off one morning before work because of the rash. I always have it on, except for the occasional days when I change necklaces to mix my outfits. I have attached a picture of the necklace to give you a better idea!

    If by mistake of my memory that I did not actually take it off at home, the only places that I would have taken it off is at my yoga studio or at the spa. However, the yoga studio says they dont have it and I am sure I did not leave it there as i am usually very careful with not leaving things lying ard in public places. I have yet to hear back from my spa - but I am also sure its not there as I always keep everything safely locked inside the lockers and take my time to put everything back on before I leave.

    Please please please help me find this necklace. I am devastated and I dont even know how to tell my boyfriend because I know that for him to buy me this necklace is soo meaningful as it was his first time buying something like that for a girl. We are very very close and are planning to get engage at the end of this year. Yesterday when I took him to the airport as he was flying back to brussels, we stopped by a jewelry store to look at engagement rings - now I feel that I don't deserve these things because I lost this necklace 😞

    Thank you in advance for your attention and help.

    Warm regards,


  • I realised my picture didnt attach correctly - so i have attached my photo again. Thanks!

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