Guidance for a new girl

  • Hi,

    Can you help me, I would like some guidance, Im feeling lonely and a bit lost at the moment, my life does not seem to be moving anywhere. I want to meet someone, I split up with my partner in January, the person I thought that loved me. I think he cheated on me.

    I never have any money and im kind of feeling a bit depressed. any help or guidance would be appreciated

  • I am so sorry to hear you are going through hard times. I know the feeling all to well, try as hard as it is not to let all the negative cloud the positive that is in your life. I saw a quote the other day that said never frown because you don't know who could be in love with your smile. As simple as it was it really made me feel better.

  • thank you, its just a bad place to be isn't it, and its hard to climb out of, Im usually such a happy person, Ive never felt like this before. Im thinking of visiting a medium to seek some guidance. Ive never been to one before, not for a private reading anyway

  • I found that focusing my mind on anything will help. That is why I orignally joined this site because it gave me something to do, and people to talk to that nore often than not can offer some words of wisdom.

  • Hi littlej, Thats why I joined, I have just stared using tarot i I figured Id get some help on here

  • You definatley will, everyone that has ever taken the time to comment on my posts have been more than helpful. Good luck to you, I hope things get easier sooner than later.

  • Thank you

  • What is your date of birth or can you post a photo, so as to pick up your vibes?

  • my DOB is 26/06/1987. I dont have any pictures on this computer. I was born in Warrington England. thank you

  • this is the only photo on this computer, its my work computer, you can barely see me, hope it helps

  • Nope, way too small to make out much. I need to see your eyes. Try enlarging it using your Paint program or try something like shrinkpictures dot com.

    Going on your birthdate, I see you can be very critical of yourself and of others. You tend to be very intense and can get too serious about life - you need to remember to have fun and play more often. You must let go of your exacting attitude in order to approach life in a more open and relaxed manner, one that is defined by a childlike sense of awe at or delight in the world. You must find a balance between the overly strict or dominating parent and the irresponsible child in yourself. Insecurity, hyper-sensitivity, and self-doubt will need courage to overcome but you are quite capable of doing it by channeling your creative and emotional energies in positive ways. With persistence, you will earn positive feedback and support from others, and your confidence will grow.

    You are an empath who can easily feel drained by other people's emotions so you need to retreat into a private peaceful place from time to time to recover and reenergize. You also need to learn to recognize whether it is your feelings or someone else's that you are experiencing. Moving away from someone you think is radiating negativity will lessen the effects if it is indeed their energy you are picking up. You may spend a great deal of time trying to ignore, repress, or manage your sensitivity before you can realize its higher fulfillment. Essential in your life journey will be your willingness to stop trying to order the world of emotion and to allow yourself to go with the flow, while at the same time maintaining your own identity. Your impulse to identify with others can manifest in a need to reform or change people, and your strong emotionality can sometimes make it difficult to divest yourself of unproductive or otherwise draining situations and associates. Yet your innate ability to 'let go and let God' will surely come to the fore with this position, and if you are willing to cultivate some spontaneity (unencumbered by fear), discernment and intuition will do much to offset the poor emotional choices that you typically make. By giving vent and expression to your more spiritual impulses or soulful feelings, you will find fulfillment. By letting your emotions flow out to others, you can avoid the dry intellectualism or emotional stinginess and withholding that is your usual experience. When your feelings and creative juices flow, so does your self-satisfaction and happiness.

    Workaholic tendencies can inhibit your social and personal life. With more time and less work on your hands, you can make new friends and seek out new worlds of experience. It will be a sign of your progress on your life path when you de-emphasize your career to focus on increasing interpersonal involvements. Finding the right partner will aid this process tremendously and the joy of vacations, travel, affection, lovemaking and in general just kicking back will steer you in a sensibly hedonistic direction. Having children will provide you with the chance to become the loving, nonjudgmental parent that your own stern mother or father could never be. When you do turn to hobbies for relaxation, put aside the more serious, demanding or intellectual variety such as reading or discussion in favour of less cerebral and more active ones such as sports, dancing, hiking or biking. It is while outdoors that you will foster a true sense of wonder.Through learning to enjoy yourself, even being silly and irresponsible once in a while, you will get into the habit of forgetting to be demanding and critical. Paying more attention to sleeping, eating, sex and other natural functions will give your unconscious self more autonomy and free you from your strangling inhibitions (such as fear of abandonment). You may also see more in yourself when you relax, like your leadership potential.

    What you really want is to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom you love. But to do this, you must be your own partner first. By getting to know yourself , you begin to do the things that bring you joy and increase your level of self-nurturing so you feel strong, confident, and supported. You must also lose your preoccupation with justice and stop waiting for everyone to play fair with you before you can act. You are very giving by nature, yet your need for justice and absolute fairness is a bottomless pit. You must start by playing fair with yourself by not giving beyond a point that is comfortable for you, even if you know that nothing will be reciprocated. You must find the balance between giving too much and then shutting down. By treating yourself more fairly, you will feel the sense of balance and justice that you crave. Only at that point can you establish a healthy relationship wherein two indivduals share equally with each other without feeling debilitated.

    Careerwise, you need to be able to do your thing according to your own impulses and without being limited by the input of others. You are a leader, a pioneer, an innovator. You need a profession that allows you the independence to follow your own instincts, such as that of a surgeon, technician, or entrepreneur, for example. Writing, speaking, designing, debating, advising, or promoting are all within your area of capability. You have the gift of empathy that allows you to see other people's point of view so you can negotiate diplomatically to ensure fairness. When you get past your double hurdles of self-doubt and insecurity and let your creative energies flow, so will your finances.

    You have one of the physically strongest and most vigorous health patterns and energies. The only problems that occur are in your sensitive throat region with occasional flareups when your expression is blocked. Also if your creative energies are blocked or unexpressed, issues in the abdomen or reproductive area can occur. Yet generally you are very strong and robust.

    So you can surely see how much you have going for you. Now get out there and start using your talents to get what you want!

  • thank you captain, It seems so right what you say.. do you mind me asking but ive just started using the cards and i keep pulling temperance, the tower and the lover, could you tell me what that means? they arnt always in the same place but yet they always come up

    thank you

  • I am not a tarot expert but you can call on some people here who are - just post your question in the Tarot section.

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