Really interesting chakra test

  • I found this chakra test online, and found the results really interesting. I had my partner take it too, just to see the results.

    [1:53:35 PM] Ikono:

    Root: under-active (-50%)

    Sacral: over-active (75%)

    Navel: under-active (-6%) HIs

    Heart: open (25%)

    Throat: over-active (69%)

    Third Eye: over-active (94%)

    Crown: open (38%)

    [1:53:50 PM] Bunny Waffle:

    Root: open (62%)

    Sacral: open (62%)

    Navel: open (50%)

    Heart: over-active (94%) Mine

    Throat: open (69%)

    Third Eye: open (69%)

    Crown: open (69%)

    His are so vastly different from mine, and its just so crazy! Fascinating, going to read up more on what this means. I'm pretty sure I have to mangle this if you want the website to try it yourselves, but post up your results and maybe we can figure it out together!

    http://www. eclecticenergies. com/ chakras/ chakratest.php

  • This post is deleted!

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