Broken Heart & Confused

  • I'm a Gemini born 5/31/61 was married to a Taurus who I was crazy about we split up 5 years ago a year after we split I met or rather I was introduced to this man another Taurus it was not planed just happened we even have the same last names. I have no idea why G-d brought this man who's B-day is the day after my ex's B-day and he has the same last name into my life. I did everything and anything a man would want a woman to do and still I ended with yet another broken heart.

  • Regardless of what sign a person is born under I feel that if you give it your best shot and they cannot see it or appreciate it then you need to move on. I was in the situation with a Gemini man for 5 years off and on and I did everything to try to prove my worth to him and yet he looked elsewhere for other women (online dating sex sites). Maybe this man with similar birthdates and names is that you need to learn some lessons that maybe you didn't learn this your first ex.

  • Hi, You probably attract those numbers (birthdates.) I do the same thing, or at least that's the way it turns out. When you say, "I did everything and anything a man would want.", it makes me feel like you may be doing too much. Sometimes when you do this people take advantage or use you as a doormat. I'm not telling you to change because you're a very nice person. But, be careful. Let them do for you for a change.

    There may be similarities between these two men. Try to figure out what YOU disliked about them. Maybe they were not genuine. Maybe they didn't appreciate. So, next time when you help or cook or clean for someone you'll get someone who really appreciates it. Maybe a more positive person.

  • Hi Gemini I to was born May 31, but in 1962, I too am/was dating a Taurus man, this month would have been a year. If you would would you please read my topic question "Is he playing me?" Does it sound familiar to you, I am also broken hearted, but I am trying to stop the chain of events that continue to lead me down the path of broken a heart time after time.

    I hope you are able to move on quickly, I did realize that no matter how I want my love interest to be the exception, it is better to realize he is in fact the rule, if he turns out to be the exception, lucky me. I hate to sound so jaded, it is not in my true nature to be, and I am realizing it is coming from disappointment from my lovers time and again. Good luck to you '61

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