• When I was a child I was focusing on a decorative apple hanging from the ceiling at my grandmother's house. The weird thing is I was staring intently as if it was about to move, and it did. It literally flew across the room. I was the only one home at the time. I do not know if it was a spirit, or my own will, but I knew it was going to happen before it did.

    I would just like some input this has baffled me for many years.

  • Have you tried doing it again? If you can muster the same amount of focus, will and determination that you had as the child and be open to doing it, I'll bet you can. Start with something easy to move and then progress up to more difficult just as in any type of study. The first 3 items I mentioned are the hardest part.

    That would be so cool.


  • Telekinsis is definitely a psychic ability and is often demonstrated in children. I would definitely keep practicing it to see if you are able to do it again.

    I personally have tried this myself with no luck. You will have this gift if you are meant to have this gift..and it would be at least fun to try to see if you can move items through your own telekinetic energies!

    Good luck!

    Miss Beth

  • I have tried since, with no avail, except with a balloon. which I passed off as coincidence, and am rethinking that now.

    I will keep trying though, that really would be so cool.

    Thanks for the input !


  • Yes, do not pass anything off. With results comes our ability to believe. With our ability to believe anything is possible.

    There may be times when you want to NOT believe as well, those feelings usually come right before a major breakthrough. Kind of a "are you sure you want to do this?" moment.

    Other than children, few go past that point. If you want it, push through.


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