Blmoon-My Personal Update.

  • Hey Blmoon just wanted to start a new thread to update you on my journey to the being the best me there is. I'm still working on being the patient bull I need to be and getting a little better at it. I've been doing spiritual boot camp with Captain and I discovered some things and learned even more about myself and my experiences. I'm also getting better with moving on from my ex even though he continues to be in my heart for being my first love. Captain just alarmed me that he had deep feelings for me but felt his lifestyle (he was a criminal) would be too tough for me to handle and being that he craved that kind of exciting life he felt my being with me he couldn't be himself all the way. Also I believe Captain said we wanted different things out of life-Im chasing sucess in school love fun but not too crazy about danger like him (even though I loved the bad boy type lol). With him Im not sure what he is chasing but I think it is as you said-instant gratifacation. So Blmoon I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.

    I'm scared for running into him though in Miami. (I remember getting the butterflies and chills when I saw his pic on facebook some months ago never been back since) I want to appear to be calm and indifferent. Can I? How should I react?

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