PLEASE can I get a reading, was this a final goodbye? anyone please!!

  • I have had this on and off "relationship" with a Gemini male for a long long time now, and a few days ago he came to me to say we will most probably never see eachother again for some time now, maybe years who knows.

    I would really apritiate if if someone could give me some insight into this matter.

    My birthday : 20/feb/85

    his : 12/june/85

    Was this final or will I hear from him again? if I will maybe a time frame?

    Thank you!

  • Translation: "I will only be back if I can't find someone who suits me better,"

    Don'ty wait around for this loser - find someone who will make you Number One in their life.

  • Thank you on coment, but the situation is not like that.

    We are not together now so I am not really asking if he will come back to me as in into a relationship.

    but thank you 🙂

  • Hi Hun no I really don't think this is a final good bye

    I've dated , well actually I've lived with a Gemini

    for the last 6 yrs . Hell he's come and gone more

    times than I care to remember each time it's

    for real bla bla bla . To be honest it's destroyed

    me , however back to your question they not

    looking for something better it must be the split

    personality ( crazy and even crazier) don't know

    what they doing half the time so don't take it

    personal and good luck xx shaz

  • Thanx on input.

    I am not dating this man, nor am I looking to date him or have a relationship. we had a relationship a long time ago.

    I am simply asking a reader for insight into this if they see this being as a final thing or no


  • If you didn't want some sort of a relationship, then you wouldn't be wondering if he will come back or even care. Are you sure you know what you want here?

  • It's over if you want it to be and when you want it to be

    a mans a man at the end of the day and Geminis are horrid

    lol so you deciede , so what if he comes back it's you who

    says ya or nah ain't it x

  • I do not want a relationship with him there are many reasons for this so no need to keep on telling me about saying no to him or that I dont know what I want.

    The thing is, I have known this man for nearly 10 years now and I care about him, he is very dear to me as a person nothng more and yes I would be sad if I dont see him ever again.

    I am sorry if none of you ever experienced this.

    I find it difficult to belive that noone ever felt sad when someone in ther lives might be gone for good. so why is it difficult for you to belive this is nothing to do with being in a relationship, wanting to date or get him back.

    I care for him, I wish this was not a final goodbye and this is why I am asking will I ever see him again.

    And I do not think his star sign has anything to do with him going away so this generilizing Geminis are horrid are simply not true

  • fishyOne, I totally understand where you are coming from. As The Fray sung; "I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness". It hurts. Badly.

    However, I think you have your wires crossed here. What TheCaptain and others are saying is that your "relationship" with this man, whatever form that relationship is or was, is over. It's over because it suits him for it to be over. When it no longer suits him he'll be back in your life.

    Put another way; you are more of a friend to him than he is to you. At the moment, this is his nature. He can change his ways, but it's up to him to want to do it. No-one can do it for him.

    We're Pisceans, and as much as we'd stay up all night for our friends, it is inevitably detrimental to our own health and well-being. The ball is in his court, say your goodbyes and hope you meet again, but otherwise get on with the rest of your life.

    (Yeah I know, easier said than done :))

    Love & light,


  • Marc , yes that's what I ment you just put it better , hope I have not

    upset anyone as I do agree it's very sad to loose a friend

    or someone we know , I get sad to hear of others losing

    loved ones , and I can appreciate what you say regarding it being

    detrimental to ourselves I spend too much time allowing others to affect

    me BUT I'm learning to be more alert to negative feelings that we get and

    absorbe this site really does teach me more about myself and help me see

    things differently ,

    And again appologies if I've offended x

    regards and love shaz

  • I guess I would have to tell the whole story, which I dont want to for you to understand why I am asking

    This has nothing to do with his "nature" trust me on this I have known him for far too long not know his nature.

    If he were a a*hole/jerk he would have left without the goodbye, he risked some things to come to me, I dont lilke to have to explain myself this much, makes it seem like I did something wrong or that I am offending someones actions.

    our "relationship" is not over beacuse it suits him, trust me on my words, I do not want to go into details.

    Its not over beacuse eh got bored, or this or that its over for another reason and that is not even a part of my question.

    Well I guess I will never get an aswr to the simple question.

    Thnx all--


  • whether we know the "whole story" or not, you are not even listening. relationships takes all different forms, and what they all have said, was, NO HE IS NOT COMING BACK< AND THAT IT"S OVER.


  • I respect your desire for privacy fishyOne, I hope you find your answer soon 🙂

    Love & light,


  • H.Flower

    I was actually asking a reader to give me tarot advice.

    not personal opionion

    Thank you PisceanHealer

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