Please Help Calling all Virgos and Psychics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok ive met someone new a virgo man what vibes do you pick up because I really like him does he like me the way I like him????He told me all about him he really opened up to me does that mean anything ....AND...what kind of women do they like like say I call him back before he calls me back will he be flattered ??Can I tell him how much I like him without pushing him away???Please tell me all you know 🙂


  • go slow. don't push yourself on him. I am a female virgo and I get frightened jostled when someone comes on too strong, yet I want to know they are interested.

    I did allow a cancer man to come on strong and I lost my heart in the end.

    Just be sweet, loving and kind and sincere. Sincerity always wins in the end.

  • Ok i will go slow thanx for your response ......Im very sincere i hope he sees 🙂

  • Hello I'm a Virgo guy so I'll give my opinion. Don't wear revealing clothing because i usually have trouble talking to someone like that. I don't like drama just be straight about things. Stay clean I value hygiene a lot. And yes i agree with Kmuse don't come up too strong I tend to ignore and get annoyed of people who do that, just show sign of interest. Some might not agree with this but if you want to throw complements, don't complement on looks. Some do that to me and i really don't know what to say after that, an awkward silence always follows. Hope this helps.

  • He really opened up to me told me how his mom died and all he even cryed then he told me he really didnt have much family and i told him i felt the same and he said well now u have me and i was touched but now hes acting different wtf how the hell am i suppose to take things slow after that ..i mean how can he expect me to do that i mean really but I guess i will take your advice but given what i have now told you what do you make of him ?Is this typical virgo behavior? Does this mean he didnt mean anything he said ?

  • Hahaha... I only know I have a really thick first impression barrier as in I'm VERY picky with people. I'm very inexperienced when it comes to after that because so far nobody has gotten through. Good job getting through his! but I can't help you after this otherwise id be guessing. I am curious about what you mean by "Does this mean he didnt mean anything he said ?" I still have much to learn.

  • Hotvirgorising:

    Are you together? What happened with your virgo man?

  • gotta a hunch it's all over. any woman who comes off as too emotional and needy will turn off any man not just a virgo


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