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  • Hi everybody,

    is it possible to get a reading for somebody else. this gentleman is a friend of a work mate, he asked her to pass details onto me to request since both are not use to getting readings like i am šŸ™‚ he only had general questions so anything you feel for him would be appriecated

    Name: Marcus Prasad

    DOB : 10th Jul 1978

    ā€¢ Marriage ā€“ will it ever happen and if so is it an old flame or someone new in his life?

    ā€¢ Profession ā€“ will he return to existing profession or a new career?

    ā€¢ Health ā€“ is there any major hiccups in his health and his outlook to life ā€“ are there any problems ahead?

    ā€¢ Location and travel ā€“ is there any major changes in home address?

    Emma šŸ™‚

  • Marcus will only achieve the things in life that he wants by dealing with any issues that have been holding him back.

    His profile shows that he can distracted from his goals by an attraction to the more primitive aspects of life. He is a flamboyant, fantasy-prone, unconventional individual. Passionately attracted to the unusual and sometimes even bizarre parts of artistic expression, he will have little problem with creativity and may gain a certain notoriety simply by virtue of his knack for being in the right place at the right time.

    The conditions of his early life may have a great deal to do with how he manifests his ideals, and the salient characteristic of his upbringing was most likely an insistence on conformity. The danger is that he may bear some guilt over not being 'normal' that can keep him from reaching beyond a boring desk job or other mundane and ultimately creatively unfulfilling pursuits. In that event, his need for an ideal may be confined to a vivid fantasy life, dark obsessions, or secret addictions. Ideally though, his need for the unusual and exotic will win out and take him to far-off lands, original exciting friends, and an imaginative and rewarding career. As far as the travel and career questions are concerned, he will have to throw off any feelings that he must conform to what others expect of him and follow his own dreams in order to be happy and fulfilled.

    As to marriage, he was born with an innate aversion to being held down or trapped in any way that will make it hard for him to commit to anyone. His need for a public identity must be balanced with the need for successful intimate relationships. Again he must do what he feels is right for him rather than go along with everyone else's wishes if he wants to be someone in his own right, apart from his family. He does tend to overidealize the role of friend, spouse, teacher or mate, thus settling himself up for disappointment when people fail to live up to his high standards. In his search for the perfect life companion, he may fail entirely at commitment for fear of relaxing his standards and just 'settling'. But he will benefit greatly from the taming influence of intimate involvement. To be completely happy in his relationships, he must aim high, work hard to honour his interactions by adhering to sterling moral standards, and learn to forgive much. He isn't comfortable with emotions but must remember that when feelings are held back, so are relationships. What is best for him are people and experiences that will nourish his idealistic search without arousing his excitable nature.

    Reaching a peaceful plateau emotionally by eschewing the ups and downs of his psyche is essential to his health and well-being. Through yoga, meditation, or other balancing regimes, not the least of which is following a healthful diet, he may well discover spiritual values that will contribute to his personal development. His best source of energy comes from having a cause, idea, or an ideal that inspires him. His body is mostly strong and healthy but, due to his sensitivity and depending on his emotional state, he may sometimes have to deal with sore throats due to unexpressed feelings. When nervous or pressured by feeling he 'has to do well', he can experience a nervous stomach. The stress he imposes on himself by his high standards can manifest as muscular tension especially in the jaw, or as skin rashes or even asthma if the world presses in upon him as he tries to meet his own impossibly high standards. Eating disorders can result from not being 'perfect' enough. Blocked anger related to judgments he places on himself and others can turn to arthritis in the joints in later years. But all these conditions reflect someone working in the negative - if Marcus learns to relax more and go with the flow, his health will be bountiful. Clear-cut fitness exercises such as skill training (martial arts) are good for him.

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