Need insight please tell me all you know help!!!!!

  • Im a gemini born june 5 1987 he is a virgo born september 22 1987 please tell me where or if we are going anywhere how should i treat him please help i really like him but dont want to be hurt will he hurt me???

  • Hi HotVirgo,

    I did a reading for you and the message is that you need to slow down! You are letting your mind race and jumping too far ahead in the relationship. This is due to your past perceived "failures" in relationship. Remember that all relationships teach us something about ourselves and serve a purpose, so even if they do not last they are never a "failure." So release your fears and inhibitions and remember that without loss, we cannot appreciate gain; without grief, we cannot appreciate joy; etc. Spirit says to keep an open mind, but to take your time and move more slowly. Be sensible and practical - remember your "lessons" from past relationships - while at the same time keeping an open heart.



  • Ok thanx so much will do !

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