Just wanting to say hi to Brian Tristan if hes still around

  • Still around Brian?

  • Hi Bluecat,

    I've wondered the exact same thing and really appreciated your putting out the feeler. Looking forward to seeing if he's still online. He gave me great advice last year, and I remember it to this day.

    Angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

  • Bluecat and MissBeth,

    Yes, Brian is still around. He has his own life situatiions to deal with so I guess should he ever want to come back it is up to him. I can tell you he wishes everyone here well and I am sure wants all the best for you.

    Many Blessings


  • Miss Beth,

    As for me, are you available for me to ask a question or two? I know you are busy but I have always admired you.

    Many blessings to you


  • RedPetals, if you ever talk to him,say hello for me, and I wish him well, and he's more then welcome to add me fb wise, or tweeter if he wants,like yourself I keep that pretty seperate from here, as far as discussions go:)

  • Hi Redpetals,

    So sorry for delay! Of course ask me a question or two. I just figured out where to go on this forum to find threads I've written in. Only took me a year to figure it out lol!

    Tell BrianTristan hello for me as well. And if he would like angel guidance, have him email me if he wants to. He sent me messages from I Am before, and they meant a lot to me at the time. He has the gift for certain.

    Angel blessings!

    Miss Beth

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