Need a compatabily reading

  • My birth date is 03.01.1985 his is 10.19.83 we have been talking for a few weeks now and seen each other twice. when we are together we enjoy every bit of it we have a lot in common so we can talk about the same things and we help each other out on different projects, when I dont get to talk to him my heart aches and he says he likes me but is unsure about things will he come around and realize we are ment to be??

  • A friendship or love affair here is warm and sympathetic. Most often you two pose no threat to each other, either physically or psychically. Yet small problems can arise when you, Slowlopingpieces, feel rushed or pushed by your more energetic friend. The chemistry here is often less passionate and more understanding and affectionate. Your friend however may end a love affair with you because he tires of it, finding it not dynamic enough for him; alternatively, it may be you who withdraws, out of a fear of deeper involvement with your friend.

    A friendship that turns into a love affair has a better chance here of working out, since you two will have fewer illusions about what you are getting into if you already know each other well. When empathic feelings are allowed to develop between you, you can become unusually close. Although you two are very different temperamentally, with your friend more mentally oriented and you more emotionally oriented, you may be able to forge your strengths into an effective operating unit. The key to the relationship's success, and often its focus, is your ability to appreciate each other's talents and skills. Should emotional disappointment surface here, both of you are likely to be deeply hurt but you will usually be affected on a deeper level, Slowlopingpieces. Your friend is notoriously indecisive and you can be backward in coming forward so it might take a while for this relationship to really get going. If you both persist and work for it however it should go well, even leading to marriage.

  • Thank you for the reading.... right now im not sure where we stand act like boyfriend and girlfriend but he has not laid that card down. We work well together we both like music he writes and can a little bit we both love photography and we both do graphic design. We have the same feelings about certain things in life. So we click i guess you coukd say

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