How do you know when a tarot card indicates a specific person?

  • Sometimes when i am doing readings i get confused as to which cards can be a specific person.. The last reading i did, my intuition was telling me that the "Queen of Swords" is my questioners wife specifically but i always seem to second guess myself and i don't know if i am completely comfortable explaining to someone i'm reading for that The Empress could mean their mother specifically.

    Any advice?

    Thanks, Jonali

  • You have to trust your intuition. The querent crossed paths with you for a reason, even if that reason was for you to move out of your comfort zone!

    So the question you should be asking yourself is, why are you uncomfortable?

  • I am asking myself why i am uncomfortable. I know its only my own doubts and fears that are getting in the way. I just need to keep on reading for people and my confidence should grow!

  • Indeed! Enjoy the experience 🙂

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