Ball of confusion

  • I am an Aquarius born 2/16/55 he's a Leo born on my sisters birhtday she is also my bestfriend 8/4/57 we met online called each other are soul mate. dated on and off for 2 years, he was just at the end of a 24 year marriage and going through a divorce, I have been divorced for several years , but did not date since I had lost a child in a tradgedy and was very heartbroken. Really didn't think I would ever feel again and he also lost 2 siblings and was very affected by this growing up. I believe this was our connection. Every time we get together sparks fly we have such fun , but he does have a very dark side. Shuts down for months sometimes and I don't know why. I like him and know he likes me, but he has much baggage I do to but kept it much to myself. We had decided from the beginning we would always be friends. We last saw each other about 2 months ago. But then no communication, and then after I contacted him he responds with . He just isn't interested wants to concentrate on himself and work he has his on business this is his third attempt at it. also had 2 adult daughters who don't really bother with him and 2 small children who he see's every other weekend. Guess I want to know why is he so secretive , what is he keeping and why does he keep blowing me off only to come back and rekindle and then brush me off again. Also wondered since he never said what are his feelings towards me. I read this all the time but this is a first for me. I usually can read people real well in fact think I may have some strong foresight with most people but he well he just totally confuses me. thanks

  • Dear Mitis

    Your Leo the Lion has just lost his roar. Life has really let him down is what he thinks. He helped the process to happen just can'nt believe that he is where he is at this point in his life and feels that he does not want another marriage ever again. You are ready for a love affair and security in which I really sense that Leo the Lion can not give to you nor does he want to as he has been selfish in this lifetime, per the distance with the two older daughters, he is suffering depression and may not even be aware of it.

    You can remain his friend but it will be on his terms only and you will soon dislike that and move on in your persuit of happiness.

    There is a man coming in around you that has light hair with some gray in it and he has charm and wit and will make you laugh. He feels like he is a fire sign also but will be at a good place in his life and will welcome you into it. There is a yellow car or truck around him. He likes to talk and will delight you with his wit. I feel the name of Charles with him or around him.


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