Libra Girl, Sick Of Pisce Men. Whats Next ?

  • I just cut off all ties with an ex, who i was very much in love with. He wasnt direct with anything, yet he made me seem like I was making the wrong choices or everything was my fault. But since my decision of what I did, I feel better. Because im not confused at what was going on between us. But, Pisce men arent for me. Yes, I love him with all my heart. But what am I really compatiable with ? I want something thats going to last, and I want it to be obvious that it is. Virgo men arent in it either, they kinda bore me. But I need help ! Which sign will really make a best relationship with a Libra?

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    A Libra woman has a wonderful and attractive personality. She has strong intellectual and communication skills. Libra woman is very fair in solving disputes and she has the ability to won the heart of anyone with its speaking power and attractiveness. As an explanation of libra woman compatibility the Libra woman don’t want to dominate in any relationship, the only things that she wants is balance in their relationship.

    Libra woman could have a good relationship with Libra man but because of the sluggish nature of both, a time may come when both get tired of each other. Libra woman compatibility states that their relationship with Aries man could be good because both have ability to satisfy physical needs of each other, however in other life they need to cooperate. According to Libra woman compatibility, Libra woman could have fair relationship with Taurus man. The controlling nature of Taurus man may cause some minor problems.

    Libra woman pair with Cancer man can’t be a good relationship because it is very difficult for Libra woman to handle a Cancer man. Libra woman compatibility illustrates that their relationship with Gemini man would be good because of the sovereign nature of both people. Since Aries woman has similar characteristics to Leo man, so they could have a strong relationship. The balancing nature of Libra woman would be really helpful for a long lasting relationship with Leo man. Because of the possessive nature of Scorpio man Libra woman’s relationship with Scorpio man could not get good along.

    Virgo man can’t fulfill the needs of Aries woman because they are very demanding, so the pair of Aries woman and Virgo man would not be good. Libra woman compatibility states that they could have a strong relationship with Capricorn man but for a long term relationship they can’t get good along with each other. According to Libra woman compatibility, their relationship with Sagittarius man would be a fine relationship. Libra woman’s attractive personality would be fascinating for Sagittarius man.

    Libra woman compatibility illustrates that they could have an ideal relationship with Aquarius man because of affectionate nature of both sides. This pair is heaven made pair and their relationship could be very strong and ever lasting. Libra woman has similar characteristics as the Aquarius man has, so this would be a good relationship. According to Libra Woman Compatibility, Libra woman relationship with Pisces man can’t be good. For a short term relationship, they can get good along with each other. However if the relationship elongates the ultimate consequences would be distressing.

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    For a Libra woman, finding a partner who can make her feel ‘complete’ and brings the best out in her is very important. For this, the study of Libra woman compatibility with the other signs is very helpful. If you are a Libran woman and want to find your perfect partner, then read on.

    Libra Aries Compatibility: There are certain areas where you and an Aries man complement each other. This can ignite powerful sparks. However, due to basic character of Libra, you tend to idealize everything and think too much before taking a decision, while your Aries man decides and then thinks over the decision. So a physical attraction between these two signs is probably a temporary connection.

    Libra Taurus Compatibility: Taurus men are not romantic enough for Libran women. They like to plan everything, well in advance. As a Libran you would quickly lose patience with the authoritarian ways of a Taurus. You two share a love for music and art and are also sexually compatible. However, a lifelong union is quite unlikely.

    Libra Gemini Compatibility: This is an ideal relationship. You are intellectually and artistically compatible. Both Libra and Gemini have a passionate nature and this keep their sex life alive. Libra woman compatibility enables the woman to have a long and happy married life with a Gemini man.

    Libra Cancer Compatibility: These two signs have many similarities; however they tend to disagree on some aspects as well. For a Cancer man, love has to be emotionally uplifting while a Libran seeks intellectual fulfillment in a relationship. Cancer’s ever changing temperament sometimes them you lose temper. A temporary relationship is more like it. Marriage is doomed to fail.

    Libra Leo Compatibility: These two signs have many similarities and they can have good compatibility, as well. You as well as your Leo partner fall in love with much ease.

    Libra Virgo Compatibility: A Virgo man and you may not have a very smooth relationship. Basically you two have a totally different nature and temperament.

    Libra Libra Compatibility: You surely know how to attract Libra man. You both have similar characteristics - both positive and negative. You two can have a very interesting life together.

    Libra Scorpio Compatibility: A Scorpio man can get very irritated with your careless attitude. You two can have a strong explosive attraction however, a marriage is not recommended.

    Libra Sagittarius Compatibility: You know how to make yourself intellectually appealing to a Sagittarius. You both love socializing and enjoy freedom. You two have a good chance of a long relationship.

    Libra Capricorn Compatibility: Your laziness can become a real headache for a Capricorn man who likes to work round the clock. There seems no possibility of personal compatibility between you two for long term.

    Libra Aquarius Compatibility: You both are ‘social’ animals, like to party and love debates. Your relationship can really be a sensual one and there is a good prospect for marriage.

    Libra Pisces Compatibility: You both are very sensitive and like to avoid heated arguments. Libra woman compatibility with Pisces man does not have bright chances of a permanent relationship.

    Ill mark this however, in END u AINT ur SUNSIGN nor is the man whom u choose n whom choose u, u are ur PER SO NA LI TIES. that is whom u hafta to live with fight with makle up n love with, talk with debate with be with n live with.

    anyhow i hope i gave u some ideas n hints.

    best oif luck sweetie

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