May 2011: The Burning

  • a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera

    This month, what is not needed is burned clean. Many of us will choose to allow layers of held emotions, patterns, and beliefs to burn away into a fiery pyre, sending sparks of intention up into the ethers and sending a message to the universe about – clearly this time – what is needed and what is not. From the ashes of this burning away will rise the new shining you, bathed in golden promise and replete with all the nutrients necessary for strong green growth and glorious prospect.

    Think of this. For years, the true You has lain fallow, nourished and protected deep underneath the surface, but longing for sunlight and to be shown to the world. This month, then, your top layers burn away into ash, and from those ashes rise your personal phoenix, wings spread, a fiery branch clutched in its talons, ready to become a symbol of personal and global hope and potential. Just like new growth springs from the ashes of a forest fire, Nature’s way of making way for transformation, your new growth will begin to be in evidence by month's end.

    What does the burning look like? Feel like? What can we expect to happen afterward?

    Understand first that this burning is a soul choice. On a soul level, we make choices to have certain experiences, or to make changes that refine these experiences and add gifts and skills to enhance perception and enjoyment of life. This is growth — it happens naturally through the course of one’s life. But we can also make choices on a conscious level. Doing so by brute force, however, is like trying to ram through a brick wall with a blade of grass: ineffective and frustrating. Making conscious choices that ALSO align with soul choice is what is called Good Work in the Michael teachings and is effective, quick, and easily enhances one’s level of enjoyment of life and sense of personal empowerment. This is what I call being in the flow of your life, and is obtainable most easily by learning to listen to your heart.

    With that in mind, remembering that moving through the burning consciously, eagerly anticipating the results, is incredibly useful and also leads to a sense of personal empowerment and the feeling that you truly create your reality.

    So what does it feel like? What can we expect?

    Freedom. A lifting away of things no longer needed. A release from burdens.

    Also: fear. Fear of change, of not being enough, of failure, of being out of control. If you do not engage in a daily personal practice this month that grounds you and re-emphasizes your connection to something greater than yourself, than you will at times find yourself feeling that you are spinning out of control, caught in a vast wind tunnel, with no place to run and no place to hide. If this should happen, the immediate relief is so very easy:

    Focus on your heart. Feel your heart. Feel it beat. Immerse yourself in its rhythm. When you feel at peace with your heart, send a cord down through the soles of your feet into the Earth, down to the very core, where there is also a beating heart, one so vast that you cannot imagine its proportions. Allow that vast beating heart’s rhythm pulse up through the cord that connects you and merge with your own heartbeat.

    This month, then, you can expect wide swings of the pendulum between freedom and fear. Remember that the fear can easily be mitigated with daily practice of connection to something greater than yourself. Get out of doors. Connect with community. Write down your dreams and aspirations. Ask a child for advice. Be bold. Be daring. Do something different. The burning will burn you clean of all that is no longer needed, again leaving you ready for your What Comes Next.

    What to expect this month


    This is the month in which you find out what you are made of. Yes, on many levels, all your hidden demons, fears and patterns come out to play this month. Your first job with this is to be kind to yourself. Yes, you troweled these on over the essence of your Self in an attempt to not feel, but that is the part of you that makes you so exquisitely human. When you notice an old pattern or fear, remember that it first began as a friend to protect you when you felt you needed protection. Greet it joyfully, thank it for its presence in your life, and release it with your blessing. If you find yourself immersed in the fear, pattern or demon, that’s okay too. Just notice where you are. Be kind. Remember that you are in the process of creation, and allow for mistakes. Again, when you realize the pattern is there, thank it and release it wit your blessing.

    How to recognize patterns? The easiest way is to decide to be open to noticing them. Again, be kind. You will not be perfect at this. It is okay. Thank yourself when you do notice an old pattern or fear, and then move on.

    Besides noticing old patterns, fears and demons, many of us will be actively engaged in seeking new input this month. This could look like reading books, taking a class, engaging in a new practice, learning a new skill, or joining new groups. When you feel an urge to seek new input this month, remember that you can make this as mindful a practice as you wish. Connect with your heart and then ask yourself what new activity feels the best for you right now. Remember that you may always change your mind later; nothing you do now is set in stone. Even those decisions that feel momentous will in fact be more fluid than you realize, but most of us this month will be more concerned with adding to personal repertoire rather than making life-altering decisions.

    Affirmation: I AM creating every moment, breath and heartbeat.


    Relationships are in stasis this month. Few of us make choices that either create new or sever existing relationships, as this months energy is more concerned with working on what already exists. Expect growth in relationship just as growth on a personal level is occurring. Notice, again, what patterns emerge, and try this month to approach them internally rather than expecting the other person to be the one to change. True change, after all, is always in your perception, not in the actuality of anything around you. In other words, when you feel a pattern arising in the context of any relationship, look to yourself rather than to the other person. What changes can you make in your own being that would affect your interactions? This is in no way blame of self or to be used for negative self-talk, but instead as a tool for ownership if your experience. We all really do create our experiences; why not choose to create the ones that feel good to you?

    Relationships have the fantastic opportunity for serious growth and deepening this month. Again, it much depends on what you choose and how in touch with your heart you can allow yourself to be, but on the whole you will likely feel supported and loved by those close to you, especially if over the past few years you have been concentrating on surrounding yourself with people who speak your language and come to the table in times of need. There is no need to test this; you will likely feel at ease this month with the people in your life and can allow that facet of your life to rest and support your more internal efforts.

    Affirmation: I AM stronger than I thought I was.


    This month, again the focus is in expanding circles outward, like ever increasing ripples around you. If you are the core of your ripple, then the burning you are engaged in on a personal level creates an ever-expanding invitation all around you for others to do the same. The energy of the release of your old patterns into the fires assists others around you in doing the same.

    Communities, then, are strengthened this month by the cumulative ripple effect of so many people’s burning, so much surfacing and release. During the month, expect an ebb and flow in your sense of community as individuals within it reach different places in their personal pendulum swings between fear and freedom. Expect requests for assistance, met gladly by those within the community; after all, one day soon it will be your turn to ask for help, and who among us wishes to be alone when that happens? Pay it forward now by engaging more deeply into any community to which you feel connected at a heart level.

    Affirmation: I AM a mirror to those I love.

    Global Politics

    Politically, we are reaching a mid-swing of a pendulum that has already arced far out to one side. This month feels more restful in that regard, as most people tend to feel more comfortable with a centrist approach than with the extreme polarization that has marked the recent several months. Changes that occur this month set things up for further, more extreme change yet to come.

    Affirmation: I AM supporting the love I see around me.

    Earth Changes

    Part of the internal reaction to the underground wave of last month is a true burning off of what is no longer needed. This occurs on several levels on a physical basis, not the least of which could be literal large-scale fires and volcanic eruptions. Disturbances deep down in the earth are still rumbling and will continue to do so for quite some time. Expect also the demise of several integral but perhaps little–known species, and a continuation of the “mysterious” large-scale animal-world deaths that cropped up earlier this year. Companion animals also seem to suffer a larger-than-usual number of illnesses, accidents and disappearances as they too begin a widespread shift towards transition overall.

    Affirmation: I AM an important part of everything I see around me.

    Global Spiritual Changes

    This month begins the global collective dream state. From now on, we are choosing to walk a collective dream, a world that we create together, and a future that contains both dreamy and mythic elements. Look to ancient stories and archetypes to point the way towards the future we create together, as this dance we dance takes shape over the next several years. You can access this collective dream at any time by dropping your awareness down into the heartbeat of the planet, and you can engage your sense in the richness of experience we create together by breathing down deep into your being. Practice this month, then, by giving yourself time for dreaming. Sit and do nothing, and just be aware of your Self and your surroundings. Allow your thoughts to rest as you enjoy simply being alive in this time of great change, the time YOU chose to walk this planet.

    Affirmation: I AM the breath of life that surrounds me.

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