Heartbroken scorpio from a great taurus man.... :(

  • My recent taurus boyfriend just broke up with me last night, and I am so shocked and confused about everything that happened so fast! We have only been dating for a couple of months. Those couple of months were absolutely amazing! I was in a 9 yr relationship w a libra that I loved and emotionally scarred, hurt very badly after our seperation. I was just starting to feel good about being single....then i meet this taurus!

    He is the first taurus i have ever dated and let me tell you.....WOW! We initially made it clear in the beggining that we did want to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, me being the loving scorpio that i am....i got caught up and fell into that darn trap of love. (Which i did NOT want to do) Having seen how well my taurus and i connected on ALL levels, i was falling hard for this amazing guy! I was confused by his actions vs his words. While he made it clear he did not want to commit to anything, he treated me as if i was his girlfriend. He bought me gifts, gave me his own personal blanket, introduced to all of his friends as his gf, etc. While having been invited to his circle of friends, 1/2 of them tell me he is in love with me while the other half told me to run, or at least not fall for him. I was so confused!

    This past saturday night we went out together and all his friends, and acted like he was my boyfriend. He told me there no were chairs in this place for me to sit on, the only place i could sit was on his lap! Our evening went SO well..then we got home, we were between the sheets and getting ready for some loving action....but something came of me and i told him i couldnt have s e x with him anymore. As much i really did want to, my feelings poured out and i told him that i was really into him and didnt want to get hurt seeing that his friends are basically telling me to run. he said ok..didnt take advantage of me by getting what he wanted, he just said ok, but i could tell me wanted to say more but didnt. The next day (yesterday) he was very angry at his staff because he had to leave and go to work. Later on that day he shows up the local hang where me and his friends were. As soon he came in, he didnt say hi to me, instead chewed his best friends/employee out for what happened. Then walked over to me and says while im in the mood come with me so we can talk. He was cut, dry and to the point. We cant date anymore because I dont want to be the ahole that hurts you. If ive mislead you by treating you nice and buying you gifts, im sorry. I dont need my friends knowing about everything you and i do. We can be friends, but we cant sleep together anymore. It was so quick I was speechless..and had nothing to say.

    I know he has a lot of personal issues happening with his grandmother getting ready to pass away, along with his very busy travel schedules for work.

    I feel awful and wonder if i never said what i said saturday night, would l be sitting here right now sad and confused? It was so nice not to cry anymore about my ex libra, and now find myself crying over a taurus that really touched my heart in only a matter of 2 months. I sent him an email this morning telling that everything happened so fast yesterday, i would like a chance to meet him for lunch or dinner. I have yet to hear from him......do you think he will call or respond? I hate falling in love and am SO scared to date again. I cant seem to figure out how to keep my feelings in check......someone HELP me PLEASE

  • OH HONEY! No sense beating yourself up or regrets---just look for lessons for the future. Give this relationship some distance. Things got intense---he was in control---you felt the fear---got anxiouse after telling yourself it was all no committment fun then bam you pull the trump card on him---the one thing a woman can control---her power over the man---you slammed the door shut---that is a complete halt---a deal breaker. That's a very final, clear message. Imagine it in reverse. Never use threats that you can't reverse----you should of picked a nuetral time to discuss your fears and needs. To use your intamicy time to do that just makes him not trust you---not feel safe. He's reflecting your own fear---that if you got too close you would be vulnerable and you feared what if he can't be trusted and so you did it first---in his vulnerable moment you grabbed the wheel. It was a symptom of a valid fear you had but couldn't voice. The people who are telling you to run know he loves the chase---likes the independant ones but loses interest after winning. Does he ever really fall in love? Yes, of course and if you stay neuatral---smile his way---but give it space and HE comes back for another try---he's interested. But his nature will always be to need to be challenged---a woman who has her own busy fullfilling life--with or without him. His ego has been wounded and his temper sees red. Let the dust settle. He just wants the drama to go away. In the future do not talk to his friends and coworkers about your relationship---no one likes that and especially so for men. Apologize but then drop it. Regrets just keep you stuck. Things will look better in another week. BLESSINGS

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