• I was wondering if anyone can give me a reading to see if things are going to improve for me and my family as my husband lost his job a couple of weeks ago and im worried for the future .

    Many thanks in advance Loap:)

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  • LIving my darling friend.

    It is as all hangs in limbo, unmoving, stalled, status quo and it gets to people. We forget right now its like Spring. Not much is moving or happeneing on surface but beneath there is all kinds of moving going on.

    Sometime Spring erupts here and there in surprising spurts other times it tends to drag on n then BOOM blows into season over night. I sense this year being an el Niña year, nature is so busy on all areas that its as it forget about Spring. Yet i sense El Niña years are years when Spring BLOWS into season n not opposed to El Niño years slow n sporadic.

    i say this as this is the same in our personal lives. We LONG for change, we LONG for substantial security that we know HAS to come. We know it WILL happen. Only this dragging along makes us question will it ever come, will it ever happen.

    I sense September ish will ur man be in work again, u could also have a job n here i sense August.

    The message for us is to hold on a little while longer. As nature shows her teeth n grrr it shows how patient she is as there are by far more El Niño years than El Niña years.

    by this i mean, mom nature shows us her patient. i know u ask well if she is patient why is she erupting havoc here n there? I sense its reversed for mom nature. When she is patient lying more or less dormant, smooth sailing through season she is rushing racing, and so are we. When she erupts in havoc n grrrrs she shows us hello STOP n SMELL my nature which i create. enhjoy my splendour.

    she forces us to stop n look around n appreciate her n her work n world. We tend to forget it in El Niño years. But not in El Niña years.

    So breath enjoy life as it is now, as it will pick up fast n soon enough.

    If u wish to know more mail me ur pictures as i sense u aint keen on juist any dick tom n harry to see u n ur man.

    i hope my take n insight appeaces sis.


  • Dear Loap,

    Hello dearest. If I may interject on the angelic front, just go to the source. Call on your angels and ask them to help line up the right job for your husband and put opportunities in his path. You don't have to be specific about "what" job, as they will know. Your husband will have to follow through of course and put action into securing the job. You also should ask for general help with your finances since that is what you are worried about. Angels are quite creative and if you widen your horizons, and ask for help in an overriding subject, that allows them to open up their level of influence as well.

    For example, though kind of a silly comparison. My husband said he couldn't find his pair of jeans and he needed the keys that were in the pocket. I looked all over and couldn't find them and kept requesting angels' help to find the jeans because I needed the keys. Never could find them. Then, I changed my request and asked for help in finding the keys. That he really needed them. And poof. The thought popped in to my head to look in my purse. And there were the keys. Not in his jeans. In asking specifics, you limit your angels' help to that specific. Widen it up, and you open them up to many specifics regarding your request for assistance.

    Hope this makes sense!

    Angel blessings!

    Miss Beth

  • Thanks Scorebear for you kinds words it means alot .

    Many Blessings 2 u love and light Loap:)

  • Hey Cwb,

    Thanks so much for your reply i am trying to be patient i totally understand where you are coming from with mother nature thankyou for doing a reading for me i really appreaciiate it .

    many Blessings 2 u love and light Loap:)

  • Hello Markie ,

    Thankyou so much for your kind offer my dob is 27-4-69 and i love your catchphrase create a great day its awesome .

    Many Blessings 2 u Love and light Loap:)

  • Hello MissBeth

    Thankyou so much i really appreaciate your help on how to communicate with my angels, i have taken your advice and put it into action and i have also asked my angels to help with finding my sons glasses that have been missing for months( lucky he has a spare pair) so i will keep you posted .

    Many Blessings 2u love and light Loap:)

  • Always my sis in spirit. seems i have somany of u lol

    i love to help u if i can so this is but a small help.

    by the way gm as i type this lol

    monday is on us sigh!


  • Good afternoon CWB,

    Im a bit of a boomtown rat as well i dont like mondays either so thankgod its nearly evening and tuesday will be here before i know it. Thanks fof the kind words it means alot to me love the puppy.

    Lots of love MAGS xx

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  • Dear Markie ,

    Thankyou so much for doing this for me wow it all sounds very interesting for me this year im looking forward to some of the changes that you mention im sorry i forgot to put my hubbys dob if its ok when you have time would you be able to do a reading for him? his dob is 12-11-70 only if you have time as i dont want to out you out but i will understand if you cant do it ,i really appreaciate all youve done for me and i love your mottos you must come and join me on my send out positive affirmations to the universe thread here is the link


    Once again many thanks and create a great day love it !!!!

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hi Markie ,

    Thankyou so much for doing this for me its very interesting and i totally believe that it was fated how he lost his job as well, he started another one today but its a 3 month kind of trail period he has to stay casual for 3 months then they will decide wether they take him on fulltime or not and that will be around august he is a very responsible person so its totally spot on with everything you wrote its amazing .Once again i cant thank you enough for this great reading .

    hope to chat with you more regulary in the future .

    Many Blessings love and light Loap:)

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