Captain - your knowledgeable readings required please

  • Afternoon Captain

    Hope you are well and I have noted that you are inundated with requests for help so if you are too busy to do a reading for me I shall understand.........

    Would it be possible for you to do a love/relationship reading for me please - my DOB is 24 November 1959. Not too sure what further information is required from me but any questions you need answered then ask away.

    I shall give you immediate feedback.

    Have a lovely day x

  • Is there someone in your life already - if so, give their birtthdate and I will compare them for compatibility.

  • Thx Captain, there was but he seems to have gone AWOL for no apparent reason. Haven't heard from him in a month and been with him 7 months. His DOB is 06 October 1966 but I do believe nothing will venture forward with him as he's too non committal. Other than that there's no-one 😞

    Sad git aren't I 😉

  • Yummybrummy, that's his loss. That relationship was probably highly satisfying sexually but it relied on not too many heavy demands being made, especially from your friend's point of view, for it to remain pleasurable. You two are capable of enjoying each other's company and love to be enchanted and entertained by one another. However the daily demands of your life together with its practical burdens will have proved too much for your friend who much prefers the easy pursuit of pleasure.You are also both capable of dark moods and if these happen to overlap at the same time, it can be stormy indeed. Even when you are down but your friend is up, it can be hard for him to know how to pull you out of your blues. This relationship was never headed for marriage or the long term. It was all just too much for your lightweight friend to handle.

    Your early environment YB may have imbued you with a sense of being different from other people. Whatever your childhood domestic situation, a strong desire to re-create yourself will take you far from home. Your natural attraction to causes and ideals, if directed towards aesthetics, will assist you along your lifepath. The principal danger here is that you may embrace change simply for its own sake or that your natural courage may manifest in a kind of 'more guts than brains' approach to life. Alternatively, a rough exterior may serve to conceal your sensitivity and belie your true refinement. You may even be the kind of person who can dish it out but cannot take it. You will find your greatest potential for transformation lies in your ability to cultivate empathy and to choose your battles wisely, for your particular profile is one that is attracted to extremes of all kinds. Nonetheless, your great sense of humour and love of freedom are sure to make your life's progress a fine adventure indeed.

    You were born with an innate aversion to being held down or trapped in any way, that will make it hard for you to commit to anyone.You tend to overidealize the role of friend, spouse, teacher or mate, thus settling yourself up for disappointment when people fail to live up to your high standards. In your search for the perfect life companion, you may fail entirely at commitment for fear of relaxing your standards and just 'settling'. But you will benefit greatly from the taming influence of intimate involvement.

    To be completely happy in your relationships, you must aim high (but not into outer space), work hard to honour your interactions by adhering to sterling moral standards, and learn to forgive much. What is best for you are people and experiences that will nourish your idealistic search without arousing your excitable nature. Reaching a peaceful plateau emotionally by eschewing the ups and downs of your psyche is essential to your health and well-being. Through yoga, meditation, or other balancing regimes, not the least of which is following a healthful diet, you may well discover spiritual values that will contribute to your personal development. Another part of your life challenge is to develop a sense of timing, a feeling for the right time for things to happen to you, so as to limit the stress that comes from worry and promotes the wellness of being in sync with your life journey.

    What you really want is to be your own person, to discover yourself in different life situations and experiences, and to surround yourself with people who love, energize and support you. To achieve this, you must put aside any selfishness and refocus your attention on those around you. Once you begin to energize others, they will give you back all the attention and energy you crave. You may have a fear of being unworthy to be loved the way you need to be loved and to think you're jinxed when it comes to romance. But as you mature, you learn that real love is not a crushing, obsessive need to be admired and worshipped above all beings - it's trusting enough to allow both people in the relationship to live their lives as friends as well as lovers, each giving the other space and freedom to be who they are, freed from control issues and domination and male-female game playing.

    In this lifetime, you have to liberate yourself from any insecurity about your own lovability. You are a born performer and taker of chances but as time goes by, it will become more important for you to make a significant contribution to humanity than to be the big sought-after star. Your destiny involves becoming part of a greater whole and permitting yourself to be truly loved by many people. Maybe it won't happen exactly like in the movies but you'll be loved in a better way, a higher way. You have to be really grown up to see it, and even more grown up to appreciate it.

    Before you can find yourself in a committed relationship, you have to resolve the parts of yourself that are currently at odds. You attract what you give out, which is why your last partner was a non-committal sort of person. Inside you, freedom is at war with commitment. You need variety and adventure, but you also want companionship. There is no right or wrong choice for you to make - it just depends what you really want. But until you bring those separate parts of you into a united front - providing that you want to, that is - your relationships will always seem partly like an adventure and partly like a jail. And the universe will keep on giving you what you ask for...

  • Captain, this is awesome! I need to go assess it deeply and will come back to you with some feedback.

    Thank you again - you're a superstar x

  • Sorry didn't wish to sound rude - what I meant was 'digest'

  • Captain, at the risk of reiteration, you are exceptionally brilliant. OK now the grovelling is over with 😉 it's feedback time and so well deserved.

    True, with my past relationship (if one could actually call it that). Strange as the last time we saw one another was a weekend away we shared together and it was absolutely fabulous - we felt so comfortable with one another and it was as though we'd reached another level. Yet I always knew I would never fall 'in love' with him. Funnily enough even though you say all he wanted was something 'lighthearted' he did once confess to being jealous regarding a scenario concerning me and another man.

    I actually could never imagine him with dark moods as he was always in the same frame of mind whenever we were together. He was however a very self absorbed and thoughtless individual though and always avoided confrontation even when he was well aware I was upset with him about something or other but would never broach the subject and ask me what was wrong. Not sure if I agree with you about my dark moods as don't think of myself as a moody person but I do have a tendency to develop bad depression from time to time, although that was an area he was not privvy to. Anyway now you've confirmed he's out of the equation I shall sever him from my life and mind once I've retrieved the money he owes me - he's not getting off THAT lightly!

    You are sooooooo correct about 'more guts than brains' haha, I loved that comment. I am quite a tomboy at sorts and love taking risks. I can't tire of enough adventure and although I'm a very spontanous and reckless character I can strangely be very methodically organised - quite a contrast.

    Again, another correct observation about being sensitive. I can hurt very easily and am attuned to other people's moods which I detest because I take it personally and automatically assume it's ME that's caused their problem.

    Yes, I do have a great sense of humour even though I say so myself and love to laugh - there's no better medicine.

    I do tend to give off the vibes that I'm after something non-committal and that's basically to maintain my dignity and integrity. No way will I give the impression that I'm a needy and clingy woman as that's not me at all. Proud, stubborn and independent.

    Captain, I'm gobsmacked how you've summed up my aversion to being held down and trapped - this has been a big heartbreaker in my life. I so detest being controlled by anyone or anything - don't reckon I'll outgrow it either - it's who I am!!

    It is a conflict yes that I want a monogomous relationship but the 'tied down' aspect is somewhat disconcerting. Guess I want the commitment/relationship but want my freedom also. Pretty difficult combination for another person to deal with. I suppose this could mean I'll spend my duration alone in that case, however Captain I really am so impressed with your outcome and it certainly has given me food for thought.

    Many thanks once again for your time and obvious commitment to my reading.

    I wish you all the best - you're a star and if I need any future clarification on my love life I certainly know who to ask xxx

  • Dear Captain,

    At the risk of your being inundated with lots of requests I still humbly ask that you help me get some insight on my love life on the present person I am dating.

    Ronald : 19.09 1972

    Elena 30.09.1969

    I seem to be at a loss of really understanding what is going on or not going of for that matter.

    Is he serious about having any relationships or is he a player?? any insight I would be eternally grateful



  • Caribchic, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

  • Yummybrummy said "Guess I want the commitment/relationship but want my freedom also. Pretty difficult combination for another person to deal with. I suppose this could mean I'll spend my duration alone in that case"

    No, it just means you must find someone who wants part commitment and part freedom like you do, someone who will understand what that feeling is.

  • Thank you Captain - let the search commence.......... 😉

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