Birthday Question @ Gift

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    If I remember correctly I think that your birthday is coming up this next week or it happened last week. Did I miss it? You have been such a dear friend that it is bothering me that I did not write it down. Anyway I am sending birthday butterflies your way. I don't why, but 12 of them and each one has a special message for you. Someone told me that you will be laughing at this next thing I am going to tell you. This someone said that even though you are getting 12 messages, some of them will be very inportant to you and a couple of them will be funny, like something not so important for the message, but for you to laugh and that by the message you would know why it was sent to you and why you had to laugh. I do not try to do readings for anyone but myself, I hope that you will accept this from me as a way to give you a birthday present to to let you know I have appreciated your act of kindness to me this last year. Here is a kiss on your cheek. Happy Birthday.

  • Thank you Sporty, my birthday is May 7.

    12 messages, eh? No I am not laughing, but taking you very seriously. I look forward to receiving those messages. Thnak you so much for the heads-up. Happy Birthday to you, too!

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