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  • Dear MissBethAngels.

    If at all possible I would like to hear more from you on the negativity in my life. I was the one you talked to in TheCaptains thread and I am very interested in what you have to say. I have been putting you on, but now feel ready to cope. I grew up with a very negative mother, swore I would get away from that, even though I love my mother. Now I feel that my husband, daughter and her one son are negative and I know that two out of the tgree have been diagnosed as bipolar and other issues. Here is my problem, how does one get away from or get rid of the negativity when you know that you arr surround by it from the people you love and that you want to grow old with. Why did I choose these people to be with or how is it that I somehow, someway always end up around these kinds of people. I am just curious as you can see. I have already forgot what you mentioned in the other thread and I am goind to go back and read it before I go to sleep tonight. I will have a birthday in a week and want to give myself some kind of spiritual gift and it is either the negativity spiritual gowth, writing, something that the angels think I need to help me on my journey. I keep thinking it should be a crystal, but than something keep telling me "no silly, a rock". Whoever it was did not tell me what kind of rock. Anyway I think I have bothered you enough, thank you for your kindnes and may God Bless You in whatever you may need at this time.

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  • Dear Sporty,

    Angels at work. I haven't had a chance to login to the forum in awhile, just life in action. Just a bit ago I finished an angel reading, and I heard our angels ask me to go to the forum. Which means there is someone waiting for me to share their angels' guidance. The moment I logged in, there was your thread, so angelic energy is at play because they knew you just posted earlier today and they didn't want to wait to address your questions.

    The negativity they mentioned when I snuck in to the other thread with Captain is pervasive they say because you are a highly sensitive spirit and are attracting the others' negative energy to you, like a magnet. To thwart off the negativity, you have to surround yourself with positivity. This can come in a variety of methods. First, I am a Reiki Master (think spiritual energy) and I'm going to send to you, distantly, healing energy into your home and around your person. I will do this after this posting is done. Then, you can surround your self, and everywhere you go, with positive white light by using your own self imagery and imagine a cocoon of it around you. Unfortunately, you have to do this frequently your angels say, all it takes is a second or two of intent, to repel the negativity from attaching itself to you.

    Next is positive people. While your angels understand your dilemma in family, you have a choice they say to be around it. You love your family...but love is not hurtful they say. Love fills you with joy, not sadness. You have a choice at every moment in your day. To embrace someone else's heartaches...or not. You have chosen to embrace avoid feeling guilty. But guilt is not yours to hold they say. YOU ARE WORTH GOLD they shout. I sense an entourage of angels around you, shouting this out in unison. You just don't feel this or believe this they say in whispers...tinted with sadness because they know you are filled with the light of your God, and he and your angels only have love for you.

    You are in charge of one person, and that is yourself. You did choose your family because your lessons are being learned by being amongst them. Many people have lessons based upon their family members. And you are learning the are not in charge. Who is? God. Give your frustrations to Him to handle. Give all of the negativity surrounding you at this very moment to Him. Send it upwards, out of your house, out of your environment. And cleanse your area with white, pure cleansing light.

    At some point, your angels say, you have to come to terms with what you control and what you don't. And resign yourself to your own personal limitations. You can love all of your family, but to the extent that you can. You cannot solve their problems for them. Because that is THEIR job. It is their spiritual path you are trying to interfere with by controlling it. You will continue to have these hurdles placed in your path until you realize it. Let Go. Let God. Move on.

    One message your angels want you to hear is that it's okay to talk to them. Ask them for their help. They are watching you every day try and shoulder this huge weight of a family on your shoulders, and there is nothing they can do until you stop. And realize. That you are not alone. You do not need to shoulder this burden all by yourself. Your family members have their own angels too. And you can speak to them and your own for help. The very second you give them permission...whoosh. It is done. They are with you for eternity. Talk to them daily. Hourly. Every minute if you have to. And let them begin to smooth out your road for you.

    As for crystals, YES they shout. Crystals are energy. And they do help clear out negatvitiy. Nothing expensive they say, but it's a fascinating subject they feel you should study and learn about. Don't worry about "which" crystal. Instead, they say the crystals will find you. Through divine intervention. Just follow your own intuition. Your own nudges. Go to a store with a variety of crystals or a local psychic fair and let the crystal find you.

    Your angels say that you are extremely sensitive, and that is why the harsh energies, be it in a family situation, or even in any environment, really take their toll on you. Others with a tougher "skin" can weather such events, but that you are a very gentle spirit, and that is why you feel the way you do. with all gifts...this is a gift for you. Being sensitive, being gentle, allows you to know firsthand how your angels speak to you with their divine guidance. You know, for example, who you can trust. Where does that come from? That knowingness? It's through your emotional sensitivity. And that, is your angels speaking to you. They will help you get in touch with this knowingness more and more because that is going to be your compass in knowing which way to go in your own life.

    Peace. Gentleness. Love. You need to surround yourself with the lambs of the world. Find pictures of angels or figurines to surround yourself with. White candles lit. Pretty scents. Calmness. Water. Showers. Baths. Whatever sounds calming to you, pursue that. And ask your angels to bring you more of it. They will.

    I hope this helps shed some light Sporty, and I wish you many angel blessings.

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you Miss Beth and Scorbear.

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