Scorpio/capricorn soulmates?

  • My b'day is 11/07/1949, his is 01/13/1966. Are we soulmates? We are re-connecting after many years apart, and I don't want to be taken for a fool, if this isn't going to work this time. Please advise.

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  • Alcina honey u wont know until u test drive it. I sense 1st time around u didnt get to fully testdrive it, now u do yet u are scared based on ur last relationships not going so well.

    U wont buy a car wiothout having testdriving one now would u?`

    as for soulmates, well they come in all shapes sizes n genders. They can b there for a time or for all times. Im not an expert on soulmates, i have experience with it.

    if ur SOUL says he is meant 4 u n u for him n u cant say why u know u just do, then is it possible he is more than a soulmate, he may even be a soul flame.

    ur guides suggests me to suggest u to study up on soul mates n soul flames. google it, try n scavenger library also.

    I know u are scared to get out there again, but consider this, what will u loose out on if u do not?

    If u need more insight, i´d n more like me would need more information.

    I hope this helped a bit sweetie.


  • Alcina, a love affair here can be physically passionate but will often have a difficulty reaching a deeper emotional understanding. Both of you tend to keep your true feelings to yourselves, and your relationship will encounter bottlenecks of repression. Working through these roadblocks to a freer and easier sort of expression is the crying need here. Sometimes neither of you is fully aware of this, however, and it may take the advice of a friend or in some cases pyschological counselling to alert you to the problem. Even so, a marriage between you can be enduring if this problem is worked out. Both of you are likely to be faithful and devoted spouses.

    As friends or rivals, you two sit on a pendulum that can swing in either direction. Your negative and positive feelings for each other are often equal so that you may alternately like and dislike each other in cycles of a certain regularity. You should try to limit the scope of any arguments you might have, for these are liable to escalate rapidly to a point of no return. An equally harmful alternative is for you two to hammer down your negative feelings inside, which can produce frustration and depression. Talking out any negative feelings in a calm honest non-blaming manner is the best way to solve your difficulties.

    This can be a powerfully confrontational relationship which expends a considerable amount of mental energy on finding the best way to reconcile its differences. When these efforts are successful, they can result in greater understanding - when they are not, instability and discord will threaten. The relationship then will try to bring you two closer and to open avenues of communication between you. Both of you can be recalcitrant however if a third party tries to mediate between you - you seem to need to work out your problems by yourselves under the relationship's umbrella, but a little objective advice never hurts. You will both feel enormous satisfaction when you hammer out an agreement but also disappointment and sadness if you break off your negotiations in anger, an outcome that always looms.

    This is not an easy relationship and you must both be prepared to work hard at its problems of emotional communication. But with awareness can also come understanding and success.

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