What is a Psychic Reading

  • I'm a clairvoyant psychic reader. I receive information through pictures and statements I receive from spirit on the questionier behalf. To hear that the perdiction has come to pass is really a wonderful tool in helping people more forward, as we all do with informed knowledge given.

    You can live your life and make changes also and still look forward to what a psychic reading has given you in answer to your questions. Free will does allow you to make a choice if you will follow the advice given or choose to go another way in which may or may not alter your course of life.

    I pray and ask that I always give people the truth in direction of what they are needing at this time in their lives. I feel like this is a God given gift that I share with those in need. I do not stand as anyone judge and jury , my purpose is given with love and honor for my creator and for those that are lead to me.

    God says that to whom much is given , much is expected. I give high standard readings so that I can honor my heavenly father and those whom he guides to me and helps me to therefore receive even more blessings in the future and share them with the world and it's people in which we live.


  • Wowww this is beautiful. God bless you and your gift and I hope god continues to shine light your way 🙂

  • Hugs to Shuabby I really wish for you that you receive back what you have given, I for one am totally in awe of your gift and that of other psychic readers on this forum.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Amen. I'm clairaudient, so hear our angels versus see them as you may. To be honest, I've really prayed for you psychic gifts of clairvoyance as a complement to my own psychic gifts...definitely on the selfish end of things because I sooooo want to see the angels I've spoken to for over 20 years.

    We are lightworkers, that is our life's purpose. We have the psychic gifts because we are here to share them with others. You are a healer. I am a healer. And our angels, our guides, and our God will continue to find those who need our help and put them in our path.

    I do not make "predictions" per se in that it's something angels don't involve themselves with. So many people want to know when something will happen. There are way too many variables angels say, with not only one person's free will choices, but others involved in the situations as well. Angel guidance will always be spiritual and inspirational and touch your soul. For that is where they reside, and that is where they focus...where the love is.

    Bless you dear one, for our missions are entertwined. And forward we go!

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

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