Relationship reading?

  • This is basically the situation: I have strong feelings for somebody. A lot of this time, when I'm with this person, I feel like the attraction might be mutual, but at other times I just feel... a distance? There is also somebody else involved who I believe may be attracted to them as well. When said person shows up, I'll sort of just try to fade into the background and try to not notice anything due to insecurities, but I'll notice the person I'm attracted to looking my way as if to see my reactions when they're interacting with this other person.

    I just can't it. This is the first time I've ever experienced feelings like this for somebody and the whole situation has been making me very bitter, depressed, and insecure. And I don't really see either of us making the first move anytime soon. If anybody would do a reading for me, I would be SO grateful for the help and insight.

  • It's pretty simple and not something that needs a reading - if neither of you makes a move, then nothing will happen between you. One of you has to be brave enough to risk rejection and humiliation if you want this to get off the ground. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time and agony on something that may not be meant to happen at all. You have to find out one way or the other.

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