Captain-A Question About Your Craft

  • Hi Captain. I'm interested to know about psychics and thier gifts and how do they each do things differently.

    Do different psychics pick up different vibes?

    Are all predictions or answers true?

    What is your outlook on the psychic world or general codes you live by while you do readings?

    Do you enjoy doing them?

  • Yes.

    Genuine psychics give genuine readings but they are only accurate if you contimue in the same way as you did beofre the reading. Any changes you make in yourself or your life alters the outcome of the reading.

    To be truthful about what I receive.


  • That's great to hear what makes you so passionate about this?

  • I like to help others and to feel useful.

  • Also I have not been writing my scripts as steadily latetly (awww man 😞 lol) but only because Ive been to busy with plenty other projects. My grandmother in Florida has been having me draw logos for her new hair/t shirt company (she is very sucessful) and Ive also been doing some drawings for others. I'm using the money to pay some of my college fees off. I haven't really been able to save alot of money (my just in case money lol) I have a feeling all of this will pay off though. I also been researching the modeling world as well because Im really want to be prepared for it. Studying for my license before I leave so I can at least have that before I get my license and my car.

    1.Am I overwhelming myself (I feel like Iam sometimes)?

    2.Will my finances be ok in miami (school wise and personal wise)?

  • Yes you sometimes take on a bit too much. If you don't pace yourself, you will burn out. You have your whole life to accomplish your goals.

    Yes your finances will be OK if you are careful with them. I feel you may want to lash out on some frivolous fun things from time to time but don't do it too often.

  • Ok thank you so much Captain!

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