• I saw your web page and enjoyed it tho I was not able to get a reading. If you have time energy and willingness could I get some guidance. My daughter and I (she is on the autistic spectrum) live alone and have whittled our living expenses down a great deal over the years trying to keep our head above water. I just found out one of my clients is moving away this May and that whittles my income down to below my expenditures so I'm in freak mode. Any help, guidance would be appreciated. My BD is March 23 1954 and my daughters Corinne is May 22 1981. I am trying to have faith but I'm shaking inside.



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  • Thank you again Markie808..

    Especially about where to put my attention and focus and the affirmations. Friends have come out of the woodwork which has felt great. I am a bit concerned about the health warning tho.



  • Pfree,

    You're welcome.

    Don't focus so much on the negativity of the health warning, look at it from another perspective. Which is, now that you know what could "potentially" affect your health, you can prevent it from happening.

    Getting needed rest, meditating, exercising etc.

    Once again, may the Universe bless you and your daughter.

    Create A Great Day!


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