Anyone want a tarot reading ?

  • Hi guys. I am relatively new at Tarot and just joined this lovely Forum.

    Would love to do a reading for anyone who really wants one. It would be great practice foe me.

    Just a couple of requests. :

    1. Please give your first name (at least) and birth date. Also, any specific questions would be helpful in getting a better reading.

    2. Please give me maximum 48 hours to respond

    I will try my best to provide you with a helpful reading. Thank you for allowing me to read and practice. God bless you all.

  • Hi may I request a reading?

    My name is naima date of birth 10091977

    A love life reading..... I am not in a relationship x

    Thanks for being generous with your time x

  • Hi tarotred,

    I would love a reading on relationships to see if anything in the near future.

    Jen 10/11/1976

    Thank You very much


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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey Tarotred! Thank you for your kindness, if need be, take more than 48 hours. Don't exhaust yourself:)

    My name is Helena, DOB 07/08/1981. What do your cards show for my near future re love?

    Thanks again and take care,


  • Thank you on offer

    Ina, 20/feb/1985

    My love future? Will there be a relationship in my love life an time soon?

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  • Hi tarotred. I'm new to this forum too. I would love a relationship reading.

    I'm in a separation and i have meet a wonderful man and i would like to know if there is a chance that we could have a relationship in the near future. Thank you for your time.

    My name is Effie 10/9/68

    His 26/3/69

  • Brooke 10/01/1984 Is the man I'm currently seeing going to make it into my future or is he just playing me?

  • Hi tarotred,

    No reading for me, i just wanted to welcome you...and if you don't mind me saying this, just be careful, i am sure you will be bombarded in no time at remember your the reader and you can put a limit of requests if you are feeling overwhelmed..sorry if i have over stepped, i have seen this happen over and over again...


    welcome again to tarot


  • I second what MyJourney says, put a limit on it or you will have 10 pages of requests and no energy to do them all.

    Welcome to the board and good luck!

    xxPaddifuff Sheelagh

  • Hi Tarotred

    Warm welcome to the forums.

    As MyJourney n Paddifluff has mentioned ill line it up as a help to u.

    1. u Choose WHOM u wish to read, those that ask u do NOT

    2. u choose WHEN u read, those that ask u do NOT

    3. u choose WHERE u read, those that ask u do NOT

    4. u choose ur limits, those that ask u do NOT

    5. u choose when enough is enough n when u need a break, those that ask u do NOT

    6. if u get overwhelmed n cant go on, u choose to stop, its okay to stop, those that ask u do NOT dictate what u can n cannot do

    rest is more pointed toward the persons who ask u.

    Now i wish to ask for one if you dont mind. n PLEASE if u dont im understanding it perfectly.

    Im a pisces march 10 1972 at 11.20 pm born

    i just asked a man charlie june 25 1941 born at 2. 47 am for a favor n proposition regard trial work n work period with him summer 2011.

    i feel like i jumped off the highest mountain.

    my question is, will he help me n let me trial work with him?

    thank u


  • Hi tarotred, My name is Joane, DOB March 12,1985. I would love to know what love has in store for me?


  • Hello Tarotred. Im at a relationship xroads. Would love a love reading.

    Cheryl 9/02/1968

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  • Hi Lori,

    Thank you for letting me read for you.

    Although there has been a misunderstanding of late, Mike is waiting for the right time to "make up" with you. And no he does not hate you. In fact far from it. He expects you guys to have a great relationship in the future. He has no major misgivings about what happened.

    In fact, I feel if either one of you approach the other "to clear the air" you guys will be back to like old times almost immediately.

    However, I do see this as a non-traditional relationship, can't point my finger at it though.

    Overall, as far as the incident goes there is nothing to worry about.

    Hope this is true.

    Please keep me posted and God bless. Any feedback will help me learn. Thanks.

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  • Hi Marie,

    Thank you for letting me read for you.

    You are definitely interested romantically in him and want to instill some "magic" into the relationship.

    However, I don't think your friend is ready for a relationship. He holds his emotions close to his sleeve and is not ready to get into this. There will be some amount of communication and you guys may be in touch, but i don't see anything more coming out of this.

    Sorry dear if this reading is a bit gloomy.

    Hope you get what you truly deserve soon.

    Any feedback would be truly appreciated.

  • Hi taroted,

    Very generous of you to offer readings. I would like a reading my name is Vickie and my DOB 2-22-52

    I would like to know what my future holds in the area of career. I'm a clairvoyant and reiki II practicioner. I will have to return to work with a move to TX in which I did clerical and sales before.

    If you have time you can take a peek at my love life also. I'm married.

    Welcome to this forum and community you will get bombarded with requests so please know when to say NO or Stop.


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