Anyone want a tarot reading ?

  • Hi tarotred,

    Thank you fo the reading and taking the time to read for me. Don't worry I can take what you have said in my reading on the chin am a big girl.haha

    Only wish though that my next relationship would be for keeps as am bored with the frogs Now an am ready for a happy relationship.haha.

    Thank you for giving up your time for me anyway.


  • Hi Tarotred, yes I am currently seeing someone, but we are taking it slow. His DOB is July 10 1980. Thanks Joane!

  • Dear tarotred,

    Vickie here. I will be doing both, working a job to make money and reiki will be a P/T service I will offer and see how it goes.

    Thank you for your time and effort on my behalf with this reading, if you would like a clairvoynat reading than just ask me a question and I will be glad to answer.



  • shaubby, i would love a reading hon... please im desperate at this point... i keep having visions of a man and a baby boy. is that mine or supposed to be mine in the near future... my birthday is 2 27 72 and his is 3 24 65... please let me know everything you see good or bad... thanks jennifer

  • Hi taroted, thank you on your reading.

    It is true I do need to ne a little bit more emotional, I am sort of in a "faze" where I am scared to be emotional on a more deeper level.

    Well hope I do meet someone soon, I am looking foward to a new love 🙂

  • Hi Tarotred,

    Sorry about the lack of info and thank you for doing what you could with it. I have been struggling for some time now because of my feelings for this man, which I believed to be bad, wrong and inappropriate for a long time - this was causing me a lot of mental anguish but as a result of a lot of intense work, I believe I'm now at the end of this period and have come to accept the fact that I love him. Stopping to fight the feelings I have for him, have made me more accepting of myself and I feel closer to myself and the universe - so probably what I have been going through is the upheaval that you saw.

    I recently found out that my feelings are reciprocated (for 3 years I didn't think he would see me in a romantic way at all) and our whole relationship is going through a major transformation at the moment. However it's not without it's hiccups (nothing ever is). So I just wanted to see if your reading would show anything about what's in store for us and our relationship - where it could lead, would it last etc...

    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to read for me.

    Lots of love and blessings,


  • Hi tarotred, sorry again, I realise i didn't give you any details about him initially, I just wanted to see if this energy would be picked up in your reading and it was, but I wasn't specific enough in my question as i asked for a general reading so that was not very helpful to you. Thanks so much though, I think your reading did describe the overall situation quite well.



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  • Hello Tarotred,

    My name is Charlene, will JB and I have a future love life or marriage together? My DOB is Nov 8, 1963


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  • 22-2 1952 vickie

    Hi Vickie,

    Thanks for the clarification and sorry that I am a bit late.

    Your reiki job will take a while to get set and there will be obstacles you will face along the way. There is a man (probably at work or may refer to your husband/partner) who will prove to be a major obstacle to your growth in this line.

    Also, it seems you are always looking over your shoulder to make sure no one is "stabbing you behind the back" so to say. The problem is you may be right about this but you must get to the bottom of it and sort it out before you can move ahead. Don't know if this makes sense. Also you may be plagued by a negative thought process, which you need to immediately get rid of and become more positive. This is very important for you to move ahead.

    As for your love life, you have been through a rough phase recently, but are trying to look positively at the future. You are feeling stuck and burdened right now and want to get out of this kind of mindset and situation and you are trying your best to. But the cards suggesting you need to take a call regarding a particular situation/relationship which you are not taking or are not able to take.

    Hope that helps. God bless.

    As far as a reading from you, would love one.

    Would like to know if there is any chance of me and Tarana getting back and having a relationship again?

    Basically we broke up about three years ago and haven't really been in touch since. But I really miss her and still hope we can get back together.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for the update and sorry for the delay in your reading

    You are still quite unsure about where the relationship is going and may not know as much as you think you know about him. It seems you are being a little immature about the way you approaching this relationship,. Besides, the foundations of the relationship are also relatively weak.

    From his end, he doesn't see this relationship going anywhere and may already be looking at other options.

    The relationship is going througha rough phase and the future doesn't seem bright at all. It will probably end soon (and this may be for the better i think) so don't pin too much of your hopes on it.

    Sorry if this reading was too "negative", but the cards were quite bad, so I would stay away from it.

    God Bless.

  • Hi Jennifer (jaffebella),

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I did a spread on your next partner.

    I am sorry jen but the next relationship doesn't look too promising. It may get you out of your "dormant" relationship state for a while, but will not bring you any happiness or fulfillment in the long run. Really sorry about that.

    Next i also did a spread for the future relationship between you and the guy you mentioned you really liked.

    Sorry again Jen, but I don't see you two in a relationship in the future. Even if it does happen (which I dont think there is much chance of in the first place) he is never going to be serious about the relationship and his he will always be thinking of other options. It will end veery badly for you though and you will be very negatively affected, so I would suggest you stay far away from him.

    Sorry Jen I feel really bad because I could make out my your message how troubled and concerned you are about your love life. All I can say is I truly believe that there is a right person for us in this world and he/she will come to us at the perfect time and stage in our life when we are ready and capable of accepting true love. Until then we are all learning and that is also important. So just be patient and accept whatever comes )or doesn't come) with open arms.

    Sorry for the lecture, but I am sure there are great times ahead for you.

    God Bless.

  • Hi Anne,

    Thanks for letting me read for you.

    Did a general reading for you, as you had requested. Because I don't have any information I may interpret this wrong, but will do the best I can.

    There is some really big upheaval and almost crisis situation that you have been through in the recent past. It relates to an ending of some kind, either the end of an old relationship/situation. You are trying to get back to your feet and carve your way again.

    Also there seems to be some kind of addiction involved that you fear you cannot get over or out of. It could also refer to a very negative relationship you are chained to and cannot get out of. This addiction is going to affect your composure and body negatively as well. Be very careful about this.

    I don't know if this fits.

    Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Dear Tarotred,

    Thank you for the reading as I do believe you are correct about my husband blocking my way with reiki and advancing in that area as money will be at the top of his list after buying a home. He told me I have to go to work now.

    I have been stuck for the last few years here in RI glad to be moving back where some life is, to isolated and energy lacking where I'm now.

    In answer to your question I believe that you felt like you had to let go of her to save yourself emotionally. She will grow up is the words I hear and you could try once again at having a relationship with her. I sense a blonde or a woman with lighter hair here and she is rather gentle perhaps a water sign coming in around you, if you do not know her you will in a short time and she may change your mind about your former love. Please give her a chance and I hear the name Alice here also, the name of Ginger and Monroe. These names come in with a positive vibe to them and these people will be good ones to be around and fun also.


  • Deat Tarotred,

    Firstly . I would like to thank you for giving me your time. You got it right

    I'm on my major crisis and related to my past and curent situation to friends

    and my terrible relationship to this guy. I can say that its addictive for me .

    To be in this kind of situation and again I'm not bad out here in life .

    I've been to a lot but I'm still learning and I knew long time ago the quote

    Don't judge the book by it's cover. I'll be tough cos I want strong relationship.

    But, I'm still learning and I knew long time Don't judge the book by its cover.

    I'm tough cos I want a strong relationship with strongman who is not afraid to love.

    And showing his emotion as I do and of coarse with controlled .

    I'm now afraid cos I feel that they only wanted for their own pleasure .

    I was abusive mentally and emotionally and when it comes to friends they only

    Wanted me for what I have and what more they can get to me sad but true .

    I always give my all and I know the fact that I need to leave something for myself.

    I'm so afraid and I can't really resist to ask myself how much more people

    Will have to do this to me. And thanks to Shuabby to remind me that we live on earth.

    And I need to be more tough and I was on my transition to learnt how to

    Put my control or to cut this people's pulling me down and makes me felt bad and sick.

    I'm struggling and everything is affected to me .I said to myself that

    I will not in be in touch here for a moment but I felt good now and lately that's how

    I used to feel and suddenly get down. Unfortunately getting out of my control no good.

    I will not giving up to surrender everything to our father in heaven.

    I thought I can't forgive them for them made me miserable.

    I really can't wait to get heal my wounded heart and start my on thing to do.

    And if you have chance to give more guidance I just want to know if this guy will let me

    Be at peace now .

  • Hi Tarotred, Thanks for the reading. Your right that I am unsure about the relationship. He has a lot a baggage that I dont think I am ready to deal with. And from your reading it doesnt seem like its worth dealing with. If you have time do you mind telling me if you see any new relationship coming in the near future? Thanks again for the reading!


  • Hi again Joane

    I have done a spread asking about the new man in your life, and I have got very strange cards. But I will try and interpret the best I can, but take this with a pinch of salt because I am also quite new at Tarot.

    The cards say that the man who you will have a relationship will be by nature a "compulsive cheat" and he would have just broken off with another woman when he will first meet you.

    However, and here's the weird part, you will be quite content and happy in the relationship while it lasts. But when it ends, it will be like a positive rebirth and regeneration for you relationship-wise.

    I got a lot of Major Arcanas for this spread, with shows it is an important event in your life. What I would say is that though this relationship will end, it will give you some vital insight about yourself and how you approach relationships, which will in effect change your life for the better.

    I know this may not make sense right now, but it was tough for me as well. I tried my best.

    Again, I know you are very worried and tense about this and I really feel for you. Please take other advice or help you need to take you forward.

    Hope you get all you desire. Stay strong and God bless.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thank you for your reading.

    You are right. I held on to her for almost three years after we broke up, hoping she would come back. I have never felt like that about any other woman, and I really felt like we were soulmates. But after three years, the waiting and heartache had taken such a huge toll that I realised I would seriously hurt myself physically and emotionally if I held on to it any further. Ironically, 6 months after that I had to have an angioplasty (though I do not know if the two are related because I have a strong family history and high cholestrol as well).

    Although I don't think of her that often now, there is always a tug in my heart whenever I do.

    Thanks for the help. I have left it to the Universe now. Whatever will (or won't) happen will happen fro the best. But when you offered the reading the question immediately came to my mind, so asked you.:-)

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