Anybody in the mood to do a compatibility reading?

  • No rush, just sitting around while hoping somebody comes to my yard sale 🙂

    Name: angelica diaz

    Birth Date: October 2 1984

    Birth Time: 10:26 AM

    Birth Place: Richmond, VA United States

    Name: Christopher Beales

    Birth Date: February 21 1986

    Birth Time: 5:00 AM

    Birth Place: Leeds, England

    Thank you!

  • In a love affair or friendship here, it is essential for the two of you to get to know each other very well. Your friend may lead the way in this endeavour, although he is often loath to open up areas in himself that he has successfully sealed off. The key here is for both of you to begin not with self-analysis but with discussions of the relationship itself. This can be a prelude to a highly exciting adventure of a different sort. The realization that self-discovery is a worthy challenge will lead you two to explore this new territory more fully.

    This relationship may be most effective in the areas of the mind, rather than physically. It is a match that is always on the move, forever in search of new horizons. Your dynamism combines with your friend's ambition to produce a hard-driving and uncompromising relationship that makes few excuses for its actions and none for its intentions. Tending towards the idealistic, you two generally proceed from a strongly ethical or moral standpoint and thus feel justified in what you do. Although the focus may well be on worldly adventures and challenges, the relationship's greatest need is for introspection and self-understanding. This may never be a real-life romance but you two can certainly learn a lot about yourselves through the mutual exchange of ideas, experiences, and beliefs.

  • Captain... I am wondering what mediums you are using to get your results? :0)

  • Thank you so much Captain! This definitely sounds like us, we spent a great deal of time talking about the way our relationship will be. It was refreshing to me, I had no idea that that's the way it needed to be. 🙂 I can confidently say that this relationship is very romantic 😉

    This made my day ^_^

    Light sand love


  • Hahaha sand?? You can have sand if you like, but I meant and.

  • NayKnee, astrology.

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