ADVICE for NEW MOON in Taurus!!!

  • OK, Shatzie…here’s yours…

    1. I want to easily find myself creating financial Independence in a happy and healthy way ( I liked what you wrote) so I'm using it hehe. WORKS FOR ME!

    2. I want to attract a home that is affordable in my area where i live now, in a happy and healthy way. HOW ABOUT…I want to consistently make enough money to easily afford living in the home of my choice. –OR- I want to attract, recognize, and purchase the right happy home for me at a price I can easily afford. –OR- Regarding the right place for me to live, I want Divine Guidance to show me the location and situation in which I would be happiest.

    3. I want the habit of procrastinating (I would inset ‘totally’ here) lifted from me in a happy and healthy way.

    4. I want financial abundance to live comfortably for my family and i in a happy and healthy way. See “Money” notes to RCDreamer…

    5. Let’s split #5 up into two separate wishes….(1) I want to easily find myself helping others in a happy and healthy way. –AND- (2) I want to easily find myself channeling my creative energies into healthy directions that lead to increased vitality and joy.

    6.I want enough food supplies to live comfortable in a happy and healthy way. HOW ABOUT: I want to easily find myself providing sustenance for myself and my family.


    1. Due to your last statement about feeling selfish, how about…I want to easily find myself appreciating and valuing myself. –OR- I want to easily find myself experiencing a healthy, happy sense of self-worth in all life situations. –OR- I want to easily find myself noticing and appreciating the beauty and goodness within me.

    2. Let’s not forget about those migraine headaches! How about…I want a total healing to occur in the area of my migraine headaches – or – I want to easily attract, recognize, and begin working with the right healers for me that will resolve my migraine headaches.



  • Wow I have some rephrasing to do so much for thinking I had them in control....LOL Thank you very much though. Regarding money I think my goal is to attract it as I feel I am doing something self defeating in the attracting department so to speak. Mostly what I want is to have more than enough and to avoid those horrible feelings of fear of lack in the money department. I want to be able to pay my bills, put the food on the table, roof over our heads and not fear for where it will come from the next time around. It doesn't seem like a lot to ask but these days it sure feels like a dream.

    I appreciate your taking the time to review my list. Guess I still have some work ahead of me.

  • Hi YD......

    OK, for "I owe the IRS." How about...I want the money I need to pay off the IRS to abundantly flow into my life.

    And for "My energy assistance is STILL on hold and may not even be approved due to lack of funds. Another program dropped from $115/mo to $16/mo (still can't figure that one out)", how about…I want to easily find myself filled with the right ideas resulting in my making money in a happy way. –OR- I want prosperity to enter into every area of my life. –OR- I want to easily find myself taking those actions that will joyously increase my salary to a MINIMUM of $_____each year. –OR- I want all resistance to attracting lots of money into my life totally lifted from me.

    For "Car needs repairs", how about…I want to easily attract the right person to fix my car at a price I can easily afford.

    And for "Debt from marriage" …see IRS notes above!

    Last, but certainly not least, for "I am lucky that I always seem to make ends meet, which is great. I know many that can't. But I want to pay off my credit card debt and have a bit left over every month. I'd like to stop the cycle of "I just got a great project - $500 - yay - on the credit card.... next day...... I owe the (insert name here) $495 - boo - so much for that", how about….I want Divine Intervention to show me the right way to eliminate all financial debt. – OR- I want to easily find myself paying off all my credit card debt. -AND- I want to easily find myself saving $____ each month.

    Good luck!


  • IBelieve and WG18 - THANK YOU for the ideas (I'd prefer the just car not break for awhile - I have repairs I need to do before winter as it is LOL)

    Those are great suggestions and I will put them in my wishes. 🙂


  • If you all have things you would like to release, this is a ritual I perform once in a while JUST PRIOR TO the New Moon:

    Write down the things you want to release on little slips of paper, such as "My attachment to...." or "My resistance to...." Light a candle, then take each slip out one by one, recite it to the Universe, ie: I RELEASE MY ATTACHMENT TO ...ALWAYS HAVING TO HAVE THE LAST WORD IN ARGUMENTS" and then burn it in the flame of the candle.

    This will help to clean the slate for your New Moon wish list!



  • A big hug to you WG,Thank you, this has helped me sooooooooooooooo much....

    thank you, thank you...

    Namaste WG




    who am i

  • I hope everyone was able to finish their wishes.... I just took some quiet time to write mine out. Thanks so much WG!

  • dear watergirl, thankyou with all my heart for your article for wishes to be made at the time of the Taurus moon. It's helped alot and still is helping me. . . I want to say ( and I'm sure you know) that this is another proof of Divine Order in my life. It was by "accident" that I tapped into the forum. Thanks for all your positive energy and your "sagesse." I am sure that you are an "old soul." I am born 09/10/55 (Virgo, Sag rising, moon cancer). I am at a crossroads in life and presently looking for work. Can you give me any clarity or guidance. It has happened that I have been able to aid others on their road, but I am unable to see clearly for myself. Thankyou for your love, compassion and light. deltaparis

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