Would like to request a reading to help resolve my confusion.

  • The basic issue is this: ever since I was a child I've enjoyed a certain fascination with the stock market. But I never had a chance to explore it as a child so I pretty much forgot about it until last year when I applied for work at a financial services company. They showed me that despite the many frauds of the financial world - it can be used to help people... which basically was something that I'd been trying to convince myself of since I was five. And there it was, staring me in the face.

    I didn't get the job due to regrettable mistakes, however, it was enough to light the fire under my ass and get me to make a decision that it was worth it to investigate the stock market and pursue my ambition of helping people through investing in their own future (I have always, always, asked myself why people don't invest more then they do.) I found some guides, followed their advice, and joined a stock market simulation game to try out my ideas. My ideas turned out to make a small amount of money, so I pushed the boundaries a bit and asked some friends and family to make some random predictions.

    My own Mother, with zero ability to care about the market, still called winners 75% of the time - which held as a ratio between me, her, and several of my friends. Having convinced myself that if random people could pick winning stocks on a whim without any prior research then it was certainly possible to do so with proper research, I moved on to the next step: actually constructing an investment plan. Perhaps I got a little bit too excited, but I basically shared the details of the process with anyone who would listen as I was absolutely certain that this could work.

    Then, to my horror, slowly but surely I convinced a few of my friends that I had some logical, conservative goals for this. Which turned this idea from an interesting intellectual exercise into a potential career decision. More importantly, one where I could potentially be responsible for other people's money and not just my own - something I am not entirely comfortable with. Which is a catch-22: I'm not happy about risking their money but I cannot deny the advantages that additional backing would bring.

    Thus, for the last month I've been fighting my own misgivings about this as I've slowly come to realize that despite originally intending to NOT make investing my career... I may instinctively shifted in that direction. And the thought that if I can make a system that is profitable I can potentially help another person avoid the life of poverty I've lived for so long is beyond alluring. I just am not sure whether now is the wisest time to make this particular leap of faith.

    To make a long story short I am seeking a reading in order to clarify the issues surrounding the present situation in which I find myself. I want to know if my doubts are just me being pessimistic or if there are real issues that I can sense instinctively but can't see that are giving me pause. Any insight into this issue would be appreciated.

    (Also, if it helps my birth date is 05/07/1986.)

  • TaurusJCT

    Having a desire from the age of five, is really quite different to hear on this level of knowing what you wanted to do. Who around you was interested or working in the stock market? You said that you wanted a better life and not to have to live on a poverty level or think that anyone else should either.

    I feel that you need schooling in this career field to help you become the expert that is needed to handle other peoples money with assurance on your part and theirs. You will find that schooling and I hear the name of Albert around you and Cliff also, they may be teachers that will help you become the wonderful investor that you want to be.

    I feel you know your career path, just that you also need guidance and training in this field of endeavor as you would in any field you choose to enter into. Once you have the knowledge you need than you will be a high level investor and I see Wall Street in your future.

  • Shuabby,

    That's kind of the thing, no one I knew traded on the stock market themselves, but life just kind of threw itself in line with a set of coincidences that always led me back to the stock market. When I was a child my Father always envied investors, but whenever I asked he would downplay his words. Dunno how I knew he was lying, but I did, and it made me curious as to why. School came, and being a heavy reader I stumbled into some articles about the risks of investing and its benefits all the same. Later, after graduation, when I got my first job my best friend's first words were "invest your money, now." Then, most recently, I was approached by a financial services company whose plan for success involved utilizing investments to get ahead of inflation.

    It's weird, but what they were saying just... instantly resonated with me and I felt like I'd had an instant affirmation of everything I'd silently mulled over since that first conversation with my Dad. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that it took me 20 years to come to this realization but... I cannot overstate that moment of validation. I have never felt like that before or sense, and hence, even though I didn't get that job, I was resolved to try it on my own if I had to. Which I am trying to do, and have now apparently got others interested in doing.

    Sadly, I know of not Albert or Cliff in my life, so it would be due diligence to ask: do you have any idea as to where I might find these people?

  • They will find you in due time

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