Hello, I'm new to this so please be patient - Pisces

  • I am a Pisces Sun, Saq-Asc, with my Moon in Capricorn –

    Born on March 3 in Michigan...

    Anyone else with the same birth date?

    I am in the middle of a marriage that seems to be

    Headed for dissolution - though I tried in vain to help,

    Understand, fix, change - etc. to no avail.

    My husband is a Gemini Sun, Cancer-Asc, with his Moon in Saq.

    The past 18-24 months have been like no other-dare I say nothing

    I could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

    That is to say he touch our lives as I knew them

    And blasted them wide open - complete with lots of drama, and

    My lil' heart and head confused and hurting.

    I am trying to clean up the mess which of course has

    My name on most everything as well and realize,

    (My clarity seems to be a moment to moment thing) …

    I am trying to get my brain around the notion that I have

    Journeyed with him as far as I can mentally, emotionally

    And physically go. The writing on the wall says,

    "Tamara, you can only change yourself, and though you

    Will continue to love him, (he's a human being & I'm have no

    Need or desire to be other than true to myself - a loving being),

    And wish him wish well it would appear to be time I figure out

    How to formally end the relationship/marriage and begin

    The healing of Tamara and continue learning how to place

    Myself first not last... Honoring myself and there by

    Honoring ALL.

    I would love some insight, feedback, help, and prayers

    • You name it. This is my first marriage and first divorce.

    This is Nathan's fourth marriage, 3rd wife and will be his

    Fourth divorce. He married his first wife twice.

    I know I have been called naive, that maybe accurate,

    My perception is that I believe people are honest and that

    Given the opportunity, (enough time), they will rise to their

    Fullest potential. I continue to maintain that belief, and

    Realize that in this situation I will have withered and

    Faded away long before he fulfills his potential – if he chooses

    To at all.

    It is time I am proactive and I'm looking for insight into

    The whole world of divorce, we have no children, some

    Assets however. I am ready to have healthy, loving,

    Caring, supportive relationships in my life again...

    Eager to begin reading your replies.

    Thank you for any and all input

    In light & love

    I am ~

    Rev. Tamara

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