Looking for help, Avoiding being a Drama Magnet

  • Here lately, people seem to want to bring their problems to me, and I, of course, want to fix them, because I love people and want to see the best in them. I have been sorely disappointed more than once, and am trying to change my energy to be less of a drama magnet, and choose people who ADD TO my life rather than DRAIN FROM me, financially, emotionally,and with my time and focus. Any insight into this area would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi, I too have been feeling this way. The only way to avoid anything, is to get back on your shell. Do not hide, but use it to protect you from this drama filled life. Balance is what is needed. I am in the process of balancing these strong feelings of people to help and helping myself. ❤

  • Hello, i think wanting to help people is wonderful. Most of the times however people take advantage of you thus hurting you. It takes great effort not to be dissapointed with people in general, i know because i have been there, been sorely disheartened, finally ended up in my "cocoon" locked up all by myself, comfortably numb but secure. And it was h3ll. It's not worth it, being disconnected from the world. After all we are here to take our lessons from this life, and shying away from it doesn't help. What doesn't kill you only strengthens you it's my motto. So, after i learned my lessons the hard way i decided to re-emerge and fight for what i believe is right. This world can be a sh!tty place full of insensitive people, but that is not bothering me anymore. I learned to discern who really deserve my help and give it wholeheartedly because that makes me feel good. There always will be good people around who really are worthy of our help. Let's not deprive the world of us good people !

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