Do he want to be with me and will our relationship last

  • Hello I'm new here and I need some answers about me and my boyfriend we been together for a year and two months I'm a older women dating a younger guy and I'm in love with him and I'm wondering are we meant to be together and do he want to save our relationship my b-day is 8-7-1975 and his is 9-1-1989

  • This is often a meeting of true soulmates. Difficulties seldon deter you two from seeking each other out and establishing a relationship. As a matter of fact, social, racial, age or financial barriers will only spur you on. This combination is often highly personal, featuring mutual acceptance and sympathy. Strong empathic bonds assure close communication and sensitivity to each other's needs, not only in romance but in friendship and other social ties. It is a relationship that fosters both intellectual and emotional understanding.

    A love affair and the marriage that often results from it can be highly soulful. Your partner does not find emotional fulfillment easily and is subject to nervous instability, but a relationship with you gives him appreciation, support and the security to express his feelings constructively. You for your part benefit tremendously from his order and structure, and appreciate the relationship's need for firm decision-making.

    Deep meditational states can appear here, but the relationship has a tendency to isolate itself and must be beware of losing touch with worldly realities. Don't be ashamed or worried about criticism of your relationship - be proud and enjoy it because you two can share so much and grow together. Yes, your relationship can be idealistic at times, but it also has a strong practical base. It is highly dependable and capable of shouldering heavy responsibilities, though its real focus will be sharing philosophical or ideological concepts and putting them into practice in everyday life. There is vulnerability, subjectivity, and sensitivity here, but the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses, so don't turn your back on the world or be guided by rebelliousness. Stay in touch with reality and keep your ideals fresh and pure.

    And just enjoy and be happy with each other.

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