Hello, seeking genuine wisdom.

  • Hello everyone. I am at a point where I believe myself desires to hear the fact in my face, so to speak. I guess I need the reinforcment. I do not believe in doing readings or astrology for the path to take but occasional outside the box incite to apply is ok. Here is my concern; it is a male to female issue. Its not the male persay.

    When I am not in a relationship or even around males consistantly it is common to fantasize about one that fills that gap. So the only image I have is the last male "encounterment". Its been about 8 months since I have had contact with a certain male and I still have an attachment. I do not call or email. Its an in the head thing. He has alot of qualities I like bit he is not in my life. There was not a relationship explosion..it never was given chance due to sudden change of career than out of state residence. It is driving me a bit nuts, I would like this out of my head. The wonder is hard to rid. I do not think I can at this point in the mind conduct a reading on this issue with objective reasoning.

    A few questions to the higher energy concerning this male and self or genuine input would be well appreciated. Thank you.

  • Situation is challenged more by my residence within his upon his arrival from the temporary move.

  • Hello,

    I can see your situation being hard here. It is in the mind, indeed. The best thing to do is to stay busy and keep it off your mind by engaging yourself in activity. Try just putting your mind on a less idealistic image, focus on being an architect of your true balance to your soul. Engage yourself in creating manifestation objects(drawing, journalings) values, beliefs and boundaries concerning your message too the universe about what you want to attract. You may or may not run in to him again but take it as life is and go with the flow. That imaging of him may block new relations from coming in,

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