Cancer woman stuck in life

  • Can anyone give me a reading on if and/or when my life will no longer be stuck? Let me explain. It seems that as my friends' lives are in the fast lane and I am stuck and can't move forward. In order to achieve my career goals i need to lose weight. I am in a month long plateau and have done everything i can think of to get out with no luck. I also wonder when my love life will or ever start. Does anyone see a light at the end of this tunnel? Will my life get better soon? Please let me know. Thank you.

  • Hello Kells629

    Your life is ready to take off as soon as you release some fears and begin to move forward. You feel like you really do not want to live in the fast lane and if you don't want to release the friends that may make you feel like you should.

    You need to know what makes you happy. Do You? To begin the weight loss moving you need to drink more water and walk. I feel you losing twenty more pounds by the end of the month when you start to walk and also can you swim? Take water arobics. Your career will move forward in three weeks and you will be smiling about a happy fresh start is what I'm receiving for you.

    Amor Amor will come to you out of the blue and he has on a blue shirt and you will meet at a fuction that has a worthy cause attached to it. I feel he has a son and may be raising him alone. I feel that you will want to take it slow with him as he is not a fast mover himself. The quiet life is what he likes and will help you to adjust to a slower pace .

    I feel a house here also has green shutters on it and feels like a cape cod looking structure. Nice comfortable home. This is his home.

    You will be stuck no more as you are about to walk through many new doors and enchance your life on all levels.


  • Your life will become unstuck when you become unstuck from your issues. But you must really understand what they are before you can do something about them.

    Basically you are searching for a person, cause, principle, or deity to whom to devote your life - by giving your heart fully, you will find a deep fulfillment. You have the potential to have an enlightening and very productive life journey but you must take care that your cause does not become a case of misplaced or misspent romantic ardour. You will have to wrestle with the demons of self-doubt, a rather negative outlook or worldview, and an undue measure of personal sensitivity before you are free to realize your life's higher promise. Learning to distinguish between genuine passion and unrealistic or idealized romance may figure prominently in this process. Also you will have to take care not to isolate yourself in hurt feelings, chronic disillusionment, or the fear of loss and abandonment. You would do well to keep in mind that though this lifepath requires some struggle, you are blesssed with the natural strength, highly developed instinct, and sense of self required to enable you to "march into hel*l for a heavenly cause."

    You can be rather enigmatic and solitary. But being a loner simply means you will remain alone unless you choose otherwise. Your life will only get better if you yourself do something about it. Forget any romantic dreams of a handsome stranger riding up to your door - if you want love, you have to put yourself out there to find it. Waiting until you are slimmer, more confident, wiser or whatever will simply mean you are left alone. Forget your faults and stop obsessing over them. Everyone has them, not just you. Confidence comes from doing what you fear, not by waiting around for it to arrive in the post.

    The most popular people are those who are interested in other people more than themselves. Walk up to someone and ask them about their life - you can be sure you will never be alone when you show an interest in others. You will also forget about your own problems when you focus on somebody else. You were born with a tendency towards self-pity, mistrust and guardedness which you must overcome. Don't write people off before you give them a chance. Friendship and a job that brings you into contact with other people in more intimate ways is of extreme importance for you. Don't let your fears preclude you from normal social interaction. You are capable of lavishing affection on those you care for, since in more personal relations your devoted nature takes on a particularly beautiful form.

    So if you want something to change in your life, you have to be the one to make it so. Lose your idealistic dreams, put aside your fears of looking foolish, and get practical. This is a modern world and modern women take risks and achieve their own goals. You have the power to get what you want so what are you waiting for?

  • Shuabby- can you give me anymore insight into how my career will improve or more about this guy? im only 22 and i do like someone and he does wear a blue shirt (lol its a uniform) but he doesn't have a child. the only reason i haven't made a move is because it is a VERY complicated situation.

    Thank you both for your advice and reading.

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